NOW Magazine readers say TELUS is “Toronto’s best cellphone provider”


  • Graham J

    That’s not saying much…

  • Dan J

    Best of the worst?

    • Nobel

      @Dan J: LOL. Totally agreed. I was with both Rogers and Telus. I was moving out of my province and Rogers told me I cannot keep my current plan, however, I have to stay with them since I signed a 3 years contract!!!!

      And Telus Retention. Oh My GOD!!! Telus told me I cannot keep my current plan as it is too good compared to the available market plan.

    • Baester

      You realize every Toronto provider was included, right? Wind, Mobilicity and Public Mobile as well.

  • robot-shmobot

    That’s like saying chlamydia the best of the sexually transmitted diseases. I’d say TELUS is the least worst of the big-three.

  • Rambo

    I concur. Telus is alright, when compared to the other two.

  • astudent

    the only redeeming quality about telus is you can easily change/upgrade your phones so long as you pay off the “tab”, no cancellation fees if you stick with them 🙂

    Otherwise they all suck

  • canoe_face

    I have been with all of the big 3. Telus is definitely the best of the 3 worst. However they suck up as much of your $$ as the others.

  • Zeake

    define best? Best of what, the big three?
    Then in that respect they are right but i would choose mobi over any of the others.

    * And now that they are putting up towers like crazy they will only get better.

  • Tann

    I can’t same the same for Telus in Winnipeg. As soon as you drive outside of the city…NO RECEPTION. This is a huge problem for those that use Telus in the city and head to their cottages on weekends, etc.

    • Chris Evans

      Don’t worry bud. TELUS has clearly set expectations that they are expanding the network and most areas should be complete by Summer 2012 – Victoria Beach will be one of them. With the type of climate/land we have at Winnipeg, it’s difficult to set up the network infrastructure. I think it would’ve been easier if MTS agreed to share the network.

    • EvanK

      Agreed, network speeds suck and coverage is essentially non-existent outside of Winnipeg. While Rogers has their HSPA network, and MTS offers an HSPA network with LTE coming, Telus really needs to step up their game.

  • faizo

    congrats Telus! Been a customer since 2006, great plan for my family and excellent customer support 🙂

  • Terry

    As far as I can tell, Now Magazine is privately owned so at least this poll isn’t as skewed as the Rogers owned Mcleans Magazine opinion piece siding with the big 3 on UBB issue.

  • George

    Telus??? Telus is the best at ripping you off If that’s what now means. I rather go with Rogers or bell then telus. Telus is the biggest ripoff, I dont care if they give me a free phone and no contract and a year free service I would never go with those crooks ever!!!!

  • Slumdog

    “That’s like saying chlamydia the best of the sexually transmitted diseases. I’d say TELUS is the least worst of the big-three.”

    hahahaha nice analogy

  • Woot

    Telus is for women or g*y people

    • Linda

      I am a g*y woman, and I am with Rogers. My whole g*y women family is! Your argument is invalid.

  • trolol

    Telus really is the best of the worst.
    Unfortunately in this country that means jack.

  • Rick Whitley

    They should offer a “none of the above” choice….I think it would run away with more than 80% of the votes

  • Kenny

    The only reason why I even read Now Magazine is for the last 20 pages 😛

    Best of the worst or Lesser of evils are better titles.

  • SeaninSask

    Thats cuz Telus pumps so much more money into advertising dollars, so of course magazines are going to say that. But like everyone else is saying, its the least of the horrible 3.

    • Chris Evans

      Incorrect – they spend the least. Think about how much content ownership both Bell/Rogers have. I call it effective advertising versus going on a spending frenzy.

  • Allister

    I love TELUS.

  • ggal

    i think its the best out of the big three

  • Demetrius

    I have recently converted 2 rogers customers to Mobilicity. One had been a 5 year customer of Rogers who’s contract had expired 2 years earlier. He barely used his phone and was paying over $30 p/mth. When he asked them for call display they advised it would be another $3 regardless of how long he had been with them. He now pays $25 p/mth -$2 for hooking up his credit card.
    Most people still aren’t aware of the disadvantages of the big three and continue to be lied to by them regarding the call quality of the new wireless companies. I don’t work for a cell company but went through hell with Telus and my $70 p/mth contract that was always over $200 p/mth. Now I use my phone as much as I want and my bill is NEVER over $25 p/mth.
    Sure for some people they really need the big three because of travel etc. But many people have just not taken the time to think it through or have bought into the lies regarding quality of service etc.

  • R L

    NOW magazine? What’s that?

  • caar

    I don’t know. I used Bell, Rogers and Telus and found them all pretty crummy.

    Wind, I’ve had good experience with that has only gotten better. Maybe I just have lower expectations for Wind when for $35 a month I get unlimited everything?

    They didn’t look too hard a cost, when they did this survey.

  • deltatux

    Telus is indeed the best out of the worst. I’m on Mobilicity, they’re great for the most part $25 for unlimited local talk, Canadian text and data + caller ID (should be standard, isn’t really an add-on tbh). I get great signal except in parts of York Region (including my house) and York University. I do wish Mobilicity concentrate on better signal in York Region soon.

  • 2dfx

    Telus is the best?

    Perhaps in the GTA core. Try getting decent reception in northers Durham/York regions. The towers just aren’t in that great of number.

  • T1MB1T

    What a bunch of LIES! WIND is the best! Wind rulez! We all know it! Today tony said himself they we are the best and that we will take all the spectrum! it will be a WIND world!

  • Steve

    No I totally disagree with this article, well kinda. I think Koodo mobile is the best company since they have the cheapest affordable voice and data plans out of all the big 3. Well koodo is kinda Telus since Telus owns Koodo. Is this article including koodo as Telus as a whole? if so then ya Telus and Koodo are the best

  • G

    I was with all the big 3 and Bell ranked the worst. Telus billing system just drove me away after 3 months and I’ve been with rogers ever since. I tried out Wind for a month and in Mississauga/Brampton area it was a hit or miss with reception.

  • Hotdoggable

    Now magazine surveys are completely useless. They should do a best hooker survey instead. That’s their specialty