BBM Music: A First Look


  • bob

    wouldn’t use it even if it was $1/month

  • Dan K

    WAY too complicated and unnecessary.
    The fact that it favours people with more BBM ‘friends’ FOR THE SAME PRICE, is also pretty dumb.

    Nobody should use this. Period.

  • Preacher

    im still staying with rdio. $10 for unlimited, and i can still listen to my friends play list, so it still has some social.

    i like how they spin the crippling limitation of 50 songs as an advantage that helps you focus on the music that really matters.

  • TheOnlyZirian

    I wonder when Google Music will hit Canada.

    • Lucas

      u can go on the website to request an invite even if your in candada with a simple proxy. Once u got it, yu can use the service without the proxy, and its working at 100%.

    • brent

      You can get it right now if you use a United states proxy to sign up.

      I got it a few months back, its really nothing special considering it took me 3 days to upload my 1500 song library.

  • Zeusus

    Only 50 songs? Discriminatory, and expensive. For free, I can use Google Music (just sign up with a VPN, then you’re good to go with or without a VPN) and have access to 20,000 songs… hmmmm…. I can’t see this acting as a selling point for RIM. Back to the drawing board… again….

  • David

    Integrating music with BBM is a great idea, but the fact that you’re only limited to only 50 songs is kind of weird. Why only 50 songs?

    • skullan

      I agree with this. 50 is such a low number, I think what you’re going to see is a tiered BBM Music come through.

      I believe you will likely see:

      $4.99 for the first 50.
      $7.99 for 150
      $9.99 (perhaps $14.99) Unlimited.

      This is a belief, not knowledge of any sort of pricing model they have.

    • Alex Perrier

      This “50 songs” limit confuses me as well, especially since there’s unlimited music downloads with Rdio. The sky (or, should i say, the flash storage) is the limit. These downloads probably have DRM, but this is bearable for a $10/month unlimited subscription.

      So is the “50 songs” due to the fact that BlackBerry reserves 200 MB or so of its internal storage for BBM Music? i don’t know. i’m confused. :S

    • Alex Perrier

      Note: There’s also a six-month free trial for some Telus customers, so i’m hoping to get one, if possible.

  • skullan

    Show me another messenger to the phone, which isn’t 3rd party, which doesn’t take up unnecessary battery, that has the same notification system, group and contact system, that is as powerful as BBM; then make sure it has the same music service capabilities.

    Waiting for a response…
    Still waiting…
    Bored now.

    That’s right, you can’t…

  • Jeff

    I don’t know, its a bit strange, but you have to admit that it is an interesting was of mixing a music service and social networking. I mean come on there will inevitably be sites that pop up where you can find user names to add at contacts to boost your song count.

    The problem is that if you just use your actual contacts, and those contacts are all like you, they may have 10 of the same songs as you and then the sharing feature is drastically reduced. But your not paying $1.99 a song or anything like that.

  • johnnny Inyaface

    just go to its free.
    dont understand why people still pay for music.

    • skullan

      I agree with paying for music as long as:

      – If it’s a streaming service, it’s a low monthly rate.

      – If it’s a download service, there’s no DRM in it which would prevent me from using it where ever I want.

      I don’t particularly agree with file-sharing, with this said, I don’t believe people should be racking up $220,000 dollars of lawsuits for 20 songs.

      I really don’t care if I am in the minority on this one, I believe that artists should get paid for their work.

    • Thed

      Cuz you’re supposed to pay for music. If the artist provides fans with the music directly than that’s different but thinking that you’re entitled to receive it for free is slimy.

  • Shawn

    hmmm…$5/mth to “rent” 50 songs? Can’t store the songs on the device?

    Think about this – that is $60/year to borrow music. If you bought your BlackBerry on a three year contract that is $180 over the term to borrow the songs! You can’t save them to your device, you can’t burn them to discs or copy them to other devices.

    This service isn’t for me but maybe it will be for others. I say let’s check back in a year to see where this is at.

  • Tom

    I think the social design of this service is brilliant – it could end up spreading like wildfire.

    But, for all the positives of BBM, I can’t abide by a social service that only support one platform. NO RIM, my friends don’t all use Blackberries – we also use iPhone and Androids so we need social services that support these too.

    This attempt at locking your users into your platform is worthy of Apple – only difference is that it won’t work.

    • skullan

      I would love to see them release BBM for Android/iPhone/Windows Phone.

      I think you would see iPhone reject it though, with their own iMessage tool coming out.

  • Dillon

    Renting music? No thanks. $60/year to rent some songs lol

  • kad

    i see the point of this BBM integration:

    unlimited music downloads betwwen you and your friends with NO DATA USAGE or plan with the carrier (ie. integrated in the blackberry “social” packages from the carriers)

    with all other solutions of streaming tou need large data plans …

  • Arse

    iTunes is screwed

  • Arse

    BBM Music is a way to buy more friends

  • ted

    Surprise surprise. Ugly, clumsy, and poorly thought through.

  • Jehu

    If this was Apple’s idea everyone would rejoice…what a joke.

    • skullan


      Don’t worry, when Apple borrows the idea and sells it off as as first by Apple and revolutionary to the mobile world, the deer staring into Apple’s headlights will rejoice.

  • Gilles

    I think the idea with the 50 songs is it forces you to get others signed up. Everyone can complain about only 50 songs, but if you think about it, it may be intentional. I mean, if you could choose 1500 songs, you wouldn’t have any reason to encourage your friends to sign up – you could use any other streaming service, and so could they. With 50 songs, you have to get your friends involved to make it better. When all your friends are in, you’ll have 1500 songs anyway, but Blackberry gets 30*$4.99/mo instead of 1*$4.99/mo. BUT for it to work, the price point has to be lower than the other mobile streaming services, so you can easily talk your friends into joining, and to justify only having 50 songs at first. Carefully done, it’s brilliant as it grows their enrollment through word of mouth. Clumsily done, it will fail miserably.

  • sixteen12

    Why people don’t use Subsonic or similar is beyond me. Simple computer skills to make your desktop act as a music server while you’re gone. I can access my entire music library where ever I have internet and download to my local host.

  • S3v3r3

    I think rim is heading on the right path for this, 50 songs for 5$ isn’t much if you compare it to iTunes 1$ = 1 Song.
    plus you can listen to your friend’s tracks and discover new music, It’s a great idea none the less but it needs a few tweaks.

  • Teacher

    So this won’t use data from a plan then???