Bell says “LTE superphones, smartphones and tablets are coming soon”


  • Jon

    Will they be releasing a WiFi verison of the Tab 8.9? Otherwise, I’ll have to buy the LTE version outright, so long as it isn’t 600$+…
    Anyways, this is very impressive of Bell, I certainly didn’t expect them to launch LTE in so many different places!

  • EmperumanV

    Would be nice if they release the Nexus Prime LTE like in the US

    • Sean

      Well i can see it coming to T-Mobile and Verizon and then they will come out with a AT&T version for their LTE network and since Nexus devices are unlocked… 😉

  • Yan

    There’s no such thing as a LTE superphone, or tablets. Why would manufactures only make LTE phones. And BELL and ROGERS in reality don’t have LTE network, its just another ploy by them in order to raise prices. The same as before with Rogers home high speed internet, they use to have very fast internet, then they started throttling the data speed, and then told their customers, if you want fast speed you use to have, pay an extra fee, and we will give you the fast speed you use to have. All that BELL and ROGERS is doing is just changing the name of 3g to LTE but really there’s no change from 3g speed. In order for BIG 3 to say they have a better service than Wind and mobilicity and an excuse to raise prices is to make a network name change. Don’t be fouled by BIg 3, its just a ploy to raise prices. same as food manufactures slowly increasing prices but then making their packaging smaller just to rip off consumers. same as Big 3 change the network name to LTE and raise prices but offer the same network but in disguise.

  • Alex Perrier

    Perhaps this new network and these new devices will be a lot like the CDMA2000/GSM to HSPA+ transition. Anyway, i want to see fair pricing, so here’s to hoping that new entrants will provide LTE products and services.

    As an aside, will Bell’s Virgin brand be getting LTE? For Solo, i’ve only seen two HSPA+ devices, one discontinued and both poorly promoted. Obviously, Solo is just for grandfathering. Virgin is where Bell is really at.

  • benry

    Another great innovation from one of Canada’s greatest companies – Bell.

    and yes – this is one of Canada’s greatest companies. Founded by some guy a long time ago who invented THE PHONE.

    Can Wind Mobile claim the same? doubtful.

    • Jonesy1966

      Actually, Alexander Graham Bell and Bell Canada have never had anything in common except names. Bell never created a phone company. He did, however, invent the phone but was born in Scotland and moved to Canada with his family. His idea for a telephone was first patented in the UK and then the US, but never Canada. As most of his work was done in Boston, MA while he held a private teaching practice there, the whole notion of the phone being invented in Canada is tenuous at best.

      So endeth today’s history lesson.

  • Alex Perrier

    Benry, innovation according to means “something new or different introduced.” In terms of serving GTA and surroundings, that is true. But as for their service charges, they simply mimic Rogers, sans GRRF.

    Although Bell may have invented the phone, they also pioneered ridiculous long distance charges and monopolies. They also limit mobile phone use while providing unlimited calls to home phone subscribers.

    Like Rogers LTE, Bell disappointed me with LTE.

    • Jonesy1966

      The Bell Telephone Company was actually formed by his financial backers as a way to market Bell’s patent. Bell himself was never a full partner in the project prefering to concentrate on his life’s work of developing electronic communication methods for the deaf. His modest wealth, aprrox $1M at death, was amassed through patent commissions. In fact he ended up loathing the telephone viewing it as a distraction from what he saw as his more important work, even banning them in his home.

  • Yan

    @benry do your research buddy, the person who invented the telephone, has nothing to do with the company Bell. Bell is totally separate from the guy who invented the telephone. Lots of people are misinformed and think that the company Bell was founded by the guy who invented the telephone. Sorry to burst your bubble

    • us99201

      Receiving a U.S. patent for the invention of the telephone on March 7, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell formed the Bell Telephone Company in 1877, which in 1885 became AT&T[2][3][4] When Bell’s original patent expired 15 years later in 1894, the telephone market opened to competition and 6,000 new telephone carriers started while the Bell Telephone company took a significant financial downturn.

      From Wikipedia

  • zakiay

    not sure if its just for reference or not but the devices in the picture look to be a blackberry playbook and a droid bionic (which is sold exclusivley in the states)

  • Akbar

    will superphones help me get laid? no

    • Deli

      actually, it does helP!

    • Dario

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  • mrakattak

    the phone in the add looks like an HTC?

  • EAK47

    It looks more like a Motorola to me.

  • mytheory

    My question IS: whats Telus doing? They dont have anything new or powerful (ok sorry blackberry folks – but you don’t go on the bb side for the CPU/GPU power). There most recent Hight end phone (execpt bb) is the nexus S, what? At that point it is safe to say that Koodo is a good competitor on the high end side again Telus? (I know it is the same company, but this is still ridicules). Bell Have, right now, AT LEAST 4 dual core phone that I know of, and Telus they have what? (Optimus 1? while the optimus 2 is already here?)

  • Lolzatfunnyz

    Tablet looks like a playbook

  • lingling

    yeah comparing with the pics of droid bionic and sgs2 lte, the picture in bell’s page resembles bionic.
    it makes sense since droid bionic is cdma only and so rogers wouldn’t get it and it would compete against rogers’ sgs2 lte phone. and also the customers of bell who bought the original sgs2 wouldn’t be happy if bell sold sgs2 lte like 2mths after the original sgs2.

  • roger

    Telus doesn’t have LTE because neither does BELL or ROGERS for that matter. Telus just doesn’t want to lie to their customers to rip them off with fake LTE. LTE by BELL and ROGERS is fake and is only a basic name change to entice people to pay higher prices, but in reality you will still be getting 3g speeds, thats for real

    • Jonesy1966

      Why the fake ID, Yan?

  • JimBell

    I’m supposed to be getting 14.4 mbps on my Bell Atrix. Usually I only get 3 mbps in Scarborough and the fastest I’ve ever had was 6 mbps in Markham. I don’t believe the LTE hype.

    • Jonesy1966

      The Atrix is 3G+/4G, you’re not going to see any benefit of LTE what-so-ever. The only benefit you might see could be slightly more reliable speeds as more people jump over to LTE.

  • mark

    Anyone notice the motorola android buttons on the phone? I hope it is the moto nexus prime or some other HD screen phone :).

  • jb

    from rogers the maximum i get on my htc evo 3s is 9 mbps once i got 13 mbps in vancouver but place i live is 9 mps

  • Deli

    for those of you guys not believing in LTE, check Verizon’s speedtest results with devices like the HTC Thunderbolt.

  • Alice

    Hi! Rogers’ version came-out after this video, so I cudoln’t include it in the list (however I did include it in the video comments). Only difference is the Galaxy S II LTE from Rogers utilizes their LTE network, capable of achieving internet speeds up to 75mbps, although you will never hit that peak speed. Telus’ version can hit speeds up to 42mbps using their dual-cell network. Cheers!