BlackBerry Curve 9360 coming to Virgin Mobile


  • james k

    good price for no contract, but I would spend a bit more and get the GSII

  • Chong Fung

    The curve is literally the crappiest phone on the market right now. No one cares if its going to virgin mobile stop spamming with these crap articles

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  • Dicktus

    Likely going to be thee phone that kills off the competition. Looking forward to this! Lining up to get one.

    Apple and friends are so screwed

    • Brayden

      @Freddi, do I sense a hint of sarcasm? LOL

  • Freddi

    Finally! Waited for this. Love this phone

  • Brayden

    OOPS. I meant Dicktus. 😛

  • Chong Fung

    This phone makes the iPhone 4/5 and Samsung Galaxy S2 look like they are from the stone ages!

    The cheapy plasticy keyboard on this is from the space-age and the OS is an amazing upgrade from the DOS tree

  • kin

    Probably the last smartphone that doesn’t requires bringing along a car battery charger and 3 extra batteries just for going on vacations 2 days.

  • TekTok

    Curve is the world’s crappiest phone

  • Dave

    For half the price of these over prices BB phone or they’re going down like previous Nokia route.

  • Nauman

    I really don’t get this site, either people crap on Apple or they crap on RIM.

    This is not a bad price for an entry level BB. Would have liked it better at 249.99 and maybe Koodo will come at that price point.

    Even with the smaller keyboard, curve still has one of the better keyboards and that is what you are really paying for. I can see this device selling fairly well.

  • Brayden

    It’s good that everyone agrees that the Curve is the best phone out there. =] I’m getting four!

    (In seriousness, can us Android Fanboys and Apple Fanboys just agree on one thing… Blackberry Curve Sucks!)

  • R

    I’m going to imagine this being brought to Fido after a year. Seems to be the trend.

  • Alex Perrier

    Virgin and Koodo duking it out for the best offer on the BlackBerry Curve 9360! Sir Richard Branson versus El Tabador! FIGHT!

    Koodo loves gift cards. Virgin loves accessory credits, and has the odd gift card offer now and then. But who will win ultimately? Koodo’s long distance plans, or Virgin’s long presence in Canada?

    This will be interesting. But honestly, i’m tired of hearing about the Big 3 getting these smartphones. Even MVNOs like PC Mobile can’t really afford to carry handsets worth $300 or more. So make good offers on the BlackBerry 7 lineup, please! And get AWS BBs! 😀

  • frusted bb user

    No Curve 9360 for rogers/fido 3G network?? From what I read it will work on Rogers/fido but 2G not 3G??
    I can only fine info it will work 3g on Bell/Telus HSPA network..
    Anyone know the answer to this? Help!

  • jay

    seriously!! can i get a Canadian virgin mobile plan if i kive in the U S , i want the 9360, and its not here yet…