BlackBerry Bold 9900 gets the usual 24ct. gold treatment, costs $1,618 CDN


  • Alex Perrier

    Oh yay.

  • ELNY

    Biggest waste of $$ on the planet. At least put gold on a GOOD phone.

    • skullan

      It’s on a good phone. But, it is still a waste of money and natural resources to be put on a phone in general. There should be a law against using natural resources on this type of product.

    • Senk

      @skullan Seriously? If you were really concerned about natural resources you wouldn’t use a cell phone at all. Let alone a car or computer.

    • skullan


      Absolutely. We’re talking about creating at item which will be obsolete very soon. Perhaps in the next 10 years, technology may change to the point in which they cannot even use the phone on the network.

      Unlike a piece of jewellry, a frame or something that will be around and serve a purpose forever, this will be an expensive natural resource which is wrapped around something with a very short shelf-life.

  • S S

    Hey, at least its cheaper than buying it from Rogers.

  • Dexter

    Ha! That phone is worth more than Blackberry as a company!

  • David

    $1,618.00 CDN for Blackberry Messenger.

  • Kemist

    Point less just like the ipad 2 and their bits of dinosaur bone or what not should be put to better use

  • Troll

    Black what ?
    Ain’t heard about that since 2000
    They still make phones ?

  • astudent

    I looovveeeee GOOOOOOLLLLLLDDDDD – Goldmember

  • Neal

    “Do you expect me to talk?”

    “No, mister Bond, I expect you to TYPE!”

  • matthew

    the way gold prices are going up… will be a good investment…..even if the phone doesn’t worth anything, let’s say in few month, you will still make money selling the gold part

  • Johnathon Cena

    I assume the entire price is for the gold because that phone is worth $0, its a piece of crap, yesterday’s phone

  • Johnathon Cena

    You can put gold on crap, but its still crap lol

  • Russell Oliver the CA$HMAN

    I’m the c$sh-man… *sings*

    Listen people, Russell here, aka ca$hman from the commercials. This is priceless, I want, I need, buy it and bring it to my store for moneyyyyyy!! I love gold. I want it. I am obsessed with gold, and if you bring it to me I will give you CASH! Also, I will throw in 10 FREE Pearl Flip phones for you to use.

    Buy it and bring it in….Ohhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  • Tyrone aka birdman

    Look heh kitty kat. I be liking dis phone to rock wit my ice and we be flossing 24’s on my caddi ride. None yall can touch dis cause i da birdman i fly in any weather ya heard. i be buyin phones like dis and meltin dem down to fill my teet. Dats right. I buy dese phones, melt da gold down and wear em on my grille.

    I’m da birdman i fly in any weddah.

  • F*G

    Good buy, especially since the gold was bought from BRE-X up in CanaDUH

  • Compton K

    whomever be rockin dis I gonna steal it from you and paap! paap!

  • Betty Koyle

    horibble, not iphone 5!

  • Crimson Boobie

    I like. you like? we like.

  • Xibit

    Yo dawg! I am GUNna feature dis in my new video! Holllllllaaaaaaaaa – where dem bitches at too. all you fly hunnies come up in heuh and let Xibit rub da gold on ya booty!