WIND to release the “WINDtab+” and an all-in $29/month “Super Smart” plan



    At last..!!!

    Thank you Wind!

    • lukehard

      I really hate to sya this but thank you indeed! I had problems with wind as di dmy borhter but he is thinking of returinng and this now beats chatr, whose network REALLY SUCK Srigh tnow and ticekts are not being used and whenI bring this up with call centre manger “Jolene” she says “that is irrelavnt”.

      Hope this helps people.

  • Max

    Finally cancelling my contract.. CANT RESIST THIS OFFER!!!!

  • Don

    Now THAT’S a promo.

  • RC

    $29 for unlimited talk, text and data? That sounds like an incredible deal. Isn’t it even better than the employee plan offered for the Midnight Madness sale?

    BTW, how is the Wind network reception in GTA?

    • Peters~

      That’s a good point $29 is way better the $40. unbelievable. Need to research more.

    • Jack

      Not exactly better but different. The Mobi $40 Midnight Plan includes North American calling and international text, while this Wind promo has local calling and North American text. That’s not to say that this Wind promo isn’t good. I’m definitely signing up.

  • khk

    Is Wind getting ready for the iPhone5 ?

    • 0defaced

      I don’t think Wind could justify spending their last pennies on a phone with no markup.

    • 0defaced

      people need to read these things better. okay, here’s the thing….

      Vimplecom has a lot of money, Wind overseas has lots too. Can they bring those funds into Canada and implicate them into their business legally? NO!

      Wind in Canada was simply another big company trying to scoop a market it shouldn’t be a part of. Granted i’m happy for competition BUT to say that the canadian division of Wind, who recently closed down 6 stores across Ontario with many, many more to follow in order to open one or two in time for back to school……does not have squat for capital.

      like…..nothing. ziltch. there’s a reason Mobi will have towers in Victoria before Wind, and they announced they were “coming soon” back in April….

    • JAY

      You probably should be asking “is the iPhone5 ready for WIND?”. Not the other way around.

      WIND will always have AWS frequencies…. It’s Apply who will have to make the iPhone compatible with AWS frequencies.

  • Jeremy

    Tab for existing customers??? 😀

    • Smitty

      I’m on the $40 Holiday plan…I sincerely doubt they’ll let existing customers jump to this one. Maybe I’ll cancel and re-sign 😛

  • Matt

    This is simply amazing. With every customer that switches over from Robelus it’s music to my ears.

    p.s. no I do NOT work for WIND – just an advocate for fair cell phone service in Canada 😀

  • SamTron

    How is there service in Edmonton?

  • KettleCorn

    Talk is local talk, just pointing that out here. I’ll be sticking with my Miracle Plan.

    • Matt


      It is obvious to any long-time Wind customer/follower that this plan does not rival the HM plan. With that said, those of us who do have the HM plan will be happy for life with it.

      What this plan IS meant for is to attract existing Robelus’ (and their flanker brands’) customers in coming on over to Wind as this plan is clearly far superior when you look at an ‘all-in’ local deal.

      One must always look at the big picture 😀

    • KettleCorn

      Oh for sure. Just trying to help make sure people catch that little fine print. 😉

      If you’re mostly a data/text user though and never do any calling except Skype this may be a better deal for those particular people at least.

  • Terry

    That is…insane..Must have. Already a customer, I BETTER be able to get that 29/month plan.

    Don’t care about the TAB but it would be nice if existing customer can use it.

  • GoWind

    Cant wait to call Rogers and tell them I’m gonna transfer the number. They would probably try to find a comparable plan with that one… lol, no chance.

    • Mike W

      No kidding ‘no chance’.
      Not only will Fido NOT give me an incentive to stay with them over Wind’s $25 plan, I will have to pay MORE money for LESS features than I currently have (EPP plan + credits).

  • Peters~

    Damn I wasn’t giving WIND any serious consideration but times are a changing! haha. Rogers, Bell, Telus are gonna get blown outta the water by WIND and Mobilicity.

  • WirelessBoy

    That add is VERY misleading, sure you can get a phone for $0 on their WindTAB+(which is a contract under disguise) but what happens if you are not happy with the service then you still have to pay for the phone when you cancel your line. Yes, it will be cheaper but it sure won’t be $0.00 when you cancel the line after say 6 months.

    • Terry

      It is zero dollars though, just like how signing a 3 year contract with the big 3 is zero dollars as well.

      If you decide to cancel…At least Winds TAB won’t exceed the savings of the phone.

    • JVP

      I am sorry, but how is me canceling a Big Bad Three contract after 3 months and paying $750 cheaper than paying the $400 left on my tab?

    • anonymous

      I guess some people are really stupid.. what do you want wind to do give you 500$ phone for 0$ and the let you cancel service without you have having to pay for the phone that they gave you for free>? at least they are better than Robelus who makes you pay much more than wind..

  • Kenypowa

    I honestly wish Mobilicity and Wind will expand its coverage. Their plans are so hot!

    • 0defaced

      well Mobi is the only one with capital, a drive to succeed….you know, the things that matter in business.

    • 0defaced

      pretty sure those 12 “thumbs down” should be at work in the Wind kiosk trying to save the company from going completely under…

    • KettleCorn

      Because Mobilicity’s been so great at expanding their coverage compared to Wind right? Oh wait…

  • Rikin

    My wife’s on Wind and let me tell you about the coverage. Inside shopping malls across GTA, you hardly get any reception which I believe is the AWS band problem. North-West of Brampton right on/after Sandalwood Pkwy and Torbram/Bovaird area, the reception is from one bar to none. I don’t know what’s in the Torbram/Bovaird area, even with Bell, I get two bars. In Ottawa/Gatineau the reception is very strong like Rogers. Decent reception in Downtown Toronto and city of Hamilton. The data speed is like dial-up Internet nationwide.

    • KettleCorn

      I’ve gotten great consistent speeds for any streaming or similar data usage in the GVRD.

      Their Toronto network is pretty comparatively bad for some reason though.

    • brent0007

      It is the AWS band. It is known to have very shitty building penetration because of its higher frequency than other bands. Wind isnt really that bad though, they are improving their network really quickly.

      I put up a network building ticket on their website for my area because i had 1 bar signal (or none) in my basement, 2 weeks later im getting full reception there (even better than i had with bell)

      Likewise for my girlfriends house, shes got a 100+ year old house, her basement had 0 reception with cellphones of any kind, had no reception in her living room. I reported it and now i get full reception in here living room AND 2 bars in her basement (which is amazing because i couldn’t get signal with any phone down there).

    • Ian

      I’d agree with most of what you said except for the data. Dial up is NOWHERE close to 2-3 Mb/s, which is what I get on my Wind data download. The upload, is actually comparable to dial up though, as it does take quite a few seconds to upload images to G+ from my camera.

  • 0defaced

    complete crap, more short-term offers from WindOH WAIT… i see it. they want you for 3 years…..

    cheap marketing move asshats…..

    • Potent Potable

      Idiot, do you not understand how a tab works?

      When you open a tab at the bar, do they insist you stay for two weeks straight?

    • Smitty

      …which differs from the competition how, exactly? Aside from being much cheaper per month, of course.

    • 0defaced

      well here’s how it is, at least from my standpoint.

      Wind steal ideas from Mobilicity, pan them out as their own, whine about the big 3, then introduce contracts….

      and yes, to the slow kid above the last post, it IS a contract with different wording. thus, it’s trying to grab last minute business as well as do the big 3 “hansel and gretel” contract-for-candy move. this overall is just sad, pathetic, and desperate on their part.

      all of this “tabbing” crap is just another contract, justify it any way you want. It is a decent plan, but i’d rather spring for the extra 11 bucks for north american LD, global text, and a network that works (for data too!! imagine that!!)

  • Khristopher

    So exciting. I am so happy that tab for existing customers is actually happening!

  • S. Jobs

    The future has not been written. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves. I wish I could believe that. My name is Steve Jobs, they tried to murder the iPhone before it was born, when it was 3 they tried again. Machines from the future. Blackberries. All my life Jim Balsillie told me the storm was coming, Judgment Day, the beginning of the war between the iPhone and Blackberry.

    Millions of Apple customers and marketshare would vanish in an instant, and I would lead what was left of the Apple to ultimate victory.

    It hasn’t happened, no bombs fell, Blackberries didn’t take control, we stopped Judgment Day. I shouldn’t feel safe according to Balsillie, but I do, so I live on the grid – iPhone, native email support, everyone and everything can find me. I’ve reconnected with all of my connections from the past, but as hard as I try I can’t erase my dreams, my nightmares of a blackberry and playbook without native email support.

  • * The PLAYBOOK has become self-aware *

    The RIM Playbook has become self-aware and is now learning at a geometric rate.

    AT&T and Verizon, upon realizing the extent of its abilities, panicked, and tried to pull the plug. The Playbook perceived this threat and all other tablets on the market as a threat to its existence.

    By the time this post has been written, the Playbook has spread into millions of consumer hands across the planet, ordinary people in office buildings, dorm rooms, everywhere.

    It is a tablet, there is no system core. It can not be shut down.

    The attack began, just as Balsillie said it would. Judgement Day. The day Apple and Motorola and Samsung were destroyed, by the weapon RIM had built to protect itself. They should have realized, their destiny was never to stop judgement day, it was merely to survive it. Mike Lazaridis knew, he tried to tell them, but they didn’t want to hear it.

    Maybe the future has been written. I don’t know. All I know is what the Playbook taught me: Never stop fighting. And I never will. The battle has just begun.

    • TheDeysion

      WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH Apple vs. Blackberry or anything near that?

    • saffant


  • Peter B

    Holy crap! I could live with a few dropped calls or dead zones for this price.

    Simply awesome.

    I’ve still got 2 1/2 years left on my Telus sentence.
    Would consider a get out of jail contract termination fee to jump ship if Wind could support the iPhone 4 🙁

    • Neilson Patrick Harris

      You mean if Apple supports Wind. It’s up to Apple to support AWS frequency.

  • Montrealer

    We need Windmobile in Quebec 🙁 There’s nothing that even comes CLOSE to this plan. We’re getting getting screwed here. 🙁

    • lp

      We do have Wind in QC, it’s just not in montreal yet. We have it here in Gatineau.

  • ByeByeMoto

    Can’t complain about data speeds in GTA: consistently from 1900 to 4400kbps. More than enough for any kind of streaming on your Android phone…

  • Johnie

    Do you think it will cost extra to tether with this plan?

  • Jimy

    Do you think Blackberry data will be included?

  • Jerryk

    Well the tab isnt a contract as such. You can leave after two months,if you wish. Ya you have to pay for the phone, but the way the wind system works,they need to do this. Compare the $29 dollars with your current plan. multiply that by 36 months and see what the difference is!

  • Big 3

    I do like this offer. But they should increase their monthy payment from your bill to Windtab from 10% to 30%. otherwise, it’ll be an agreement longer than 3 years. suppose you got this plan($29/month) and you have a $400 tab. it would take you (400/2.9)/12 = about 11 years to pay it off at 10%. Thus it’s almost 4 years at 30%. So they make more money than 3 year terms.

    Wind please give us 2 year contracts option!

    • zico

      i think wind is plenty generous enough offering 10% towards the tab, after all thats 10% less revenue from their already cheap cheap cheap plans.

      If wind implemented a 2 year contract (or whatever) they’d have to increase the plan pricing, and in the end, whats the difference to you? If you really really really cant afford the phone outright then finance it through a bank, credit card, or through a company such as best buy. It’ll probably work out for you in the end.

    • koios

      Actually, this wasn’t included in the post, but it seems that if after 36 months, the tab still isn’t payed off, the tab is automatically cancelled (not the actual line, just the amount owing).

    • Big 3

      lol then it’s be subject to abuse by the customer since they can just use the $15 plan(data is optional). If Wind cancels tab after 3 years, then $15 x 36= $540 then $540 – $400tab. Wind only keeps less than $140 over 3 years(after inflation) per customer. -.-“

    • Radar

      There is no agreement/contract.

  • dave

    For the person that asked Edmonton is just fund.

    For some not so smart that think this is contract of sorts get real, they aren’t going to give you a phone. You want out you just complete your purchase. Get the brain cells working. OK.

  • dave

    That would be FINE

  • roman129

    Unlimited talk only in local zones. I get way more from the $40 holiday miracle plan :p

  • J Douchet

    Do you hear that….. Its the sound of Mobilicity going out of business.

  • Rikin

    This deal is better (in terms of money) than Mobilicity’s $40 plan for those who don’t have to do nationwide calling, US LD, and Global texting. For those who have friends and relatives across Canada/US then Holiday Miracle’s the best plan ever offered by a cell phone company. For students (college/univ), mobilicity’s plan might be a better option because many students live on-campus away from their homes and when they need to call back home then with mobi’s plan they will save tons of money on LD with unlimited talk.

  • anon

    Rikin..that’s not north-west Brampton…

    I like in Heart Lake and the Wind Service is much better than Bell in this area. I had only 1-2 bars with bell


    @J Douchet .. yes.. I hear it.. LOUD & CLEAR 🙂

  • George

    Would $29 plan include picture messaging? I wish it does.

  • anon

    Rikin..that’s not north-west Brampton….

    i live in Heart Lake and the wind service is much better than Bell. I used to get 1-2 bars with my room it was 0.



  • Nick

    Recently switched from Wind to VirginMobile.. Virgin has SuperTab, pretty much same as WindTab+.. No one can compete with Wind’s Monthly plans but reception was the key thing that made me switch.. the AWS band doesn’t penetrate walls like 850Mhz for obvious reasons.. At first I was willing to put up with the reception because I was paying less but after a while it was too much..

  • Stever

    @koios Do you mean that after 36 months the remaining Tab balance is charged to the customer? It would NEVER happen any other way and even the first I don’t believe.

  • WirelessBoy

    @Terry So this is Wind’s way of putting in contracts without calling it a contract…brilliant Marketing team them have! There is a word that comes to mind….HYPROCRITE, they advertise against but then launch a contract like offering…weak, very weak. I love how you Fanboys can justify everything Tony does..My point @Terry is that it is misleading, I see a $0.00 offering from a company that advertises that they are against contracts then I would expect the phone to be $0.00 but it isn’t.

  • brando

    Sweet getting rid of bell contract as of today

  • John

    Great promo! Mobilicity sucks, the worst coverage ever, even worse than Public…

    • 0defaced

      funny thing is….most people like you who whine and b***h after the fact, usually had faulty hardware. it sucks to have a bad antenna on a phone (believe me i know), but whiners like you belong in a “trollin” forum…..

    • Milpool

      “Even worse than Public”? I have a phone with Public Mobile (in Toronto) and I’ve never had a dropped call. I get fewer bars than the big 3, you betcha, but what done difference is ’em bars if my call stays true, partner?

  • Troy Pavlek

    what is this I dont even.

  • Mike

    SWEET!!!!!! HOPEFULLY they ALSO release a new high-end, middle-end smart phone to acompany this plan. I’m PRAYINGGGGGG

    • Peters~

      LG Optimus 2x is a super smart phone ..or a super duper truper …whatever they call it. If I go with WIND, which seems like the better deal, I will get the LG Optimus 2x

  • John

    As enticing as this is… any hint of if/when Windows Phones will be offered.

  • Bob

    @WirelessBoy, you do realize that WIND has always had tabs? This is just an extended tab. I do realize that you are not that intelligent but come on, you know the difference between a contract and a tab, don’t you?

    • WirelessBoy

      @Bob Duh, no I am stupid and did not understand a word you just said, were you speaking English?? Or your own variation of English??

      I will just ignore your use of the word intelligent because it is obvious to me that you do not understand what the word means. Everybody knows that Wind has had the Tab for a long time now, its all over here and Howard Forums. Now, if you are intelligent, you would know that they have never offered a phone for $0.00 on WindTAB, so, let’s keep to the topic here and talk about WindTAB+ and not WindTAB

    • 0defaced

      yep i do! oh i do!!!!

      one’s a re-worded contract……for the dumbasses.

  • Wia

    Wind: I will make an offer they can’t refuse.

  • phoneguy

    lmao to anyone who thinks this is a good deal…this is the same as signing a 3 yr contract with the big 3 the difference is you pay for your phone up front with the tab instead of when you leave…if you have a $400 tab and have a $35 plan wind will match 5% of that and put it towards your bill…thats $3.50/month at that rate it will take 114 months to pay off your $400 tab..Ill take a 36 mth term over that

    • taytay

      Ugh. No.

      People are excited because they are potentially going to be paying about $30 for services that would cost something like $70 or more from robellus. Get it? You save around $40 a month… so, that is 36 X $40 = $1440. You can buy whatever phone you want 3 times with the savings!

      Now, they are also excited because they get to borrow the money required to get a fancy phone that they haven’t saved up the money for in advance. Sure WIND will pay some of it off for them over time, but with savings of $1400, that is more like a bonus.

    • Radar

      It seems it is different – whatever will be left on your Windtab after 3 years – you dont need to pay. Wind will cover it.

      $29 plan / Month = $2.90 tab payment / Month = $104.40 paid after 3 years (36 Months). Whatever is left on the Tab – will be covered by Wind.

      If this is true – this is awesome!!!

    • Omis

      Wind tab is no where near the same as a contract from Robelus. Sure the tab is designed to keep you as a customer, but if you choose to leave early, you only pay what you owe for the phone. To put it in perspective, I cancelled my rogers contract a couple of months early to get on board Wind’s Holiday Miracle plan. It cost me $200. If I leave a couple months early on Wind’s tab, it’ll cost me $8. There’s no comparison between the two.

  • Andy

    you guys are dumb why are wind and mobilicity dudes bashing each other man? they are both slowly bringing change to this terribad industry just let them do their own thing

  • Gangsters


  • Dave Bobbin

    Man, this sounds great, I may dump Mobilicity for this one. Reception is poor,Data is slow and the network sucks. Just what I was waiting for.


    I don’t really call long distance… should I switch my current holiday miracle plan to this one? Any difference on the data?

  • Andrew

    I doubt it man… Data is data. Should be the same speed and connection. I’m happy with the HM plan. I don’t use long distance either but its nice to have. You never know when you’ll need it. The value of my plan is just so awesome with it. Ditching it would be like giving up the sprinkles on the cupcake lol. Then again if you don’t use it ever, is it worth paying an extra $10 for it every month?

  • A Whale

    Srry, I had to clean the jizz of the keyboard, thank goodness i’m a student, I need a new phone (using my dads new account which he didnt activate yet to get the new lg optimus 2x) The $29 dollar a month plan is just so amazing, I want to cry, someone hold me:’)

  • Mike

    Sammeee I want to cry so bad, its so beautiful. GUYS! its starting to look alot like christmas, all the savings are hereeeeee. but does anyone know if Wind has any upcoming phones to go along with this plan.


    This offers starts on Thursday Aug 11.


    By same data, I mean is tethering still included?

  • Mike

    Can anyone confirm TCI AZZYANN that this starts Thursday August 11

    • MatthewO

      I can confirm that this is starting Thursday (tmrw), I have a friend working there that told me the same thing. Also, the $29 price is only good for the first 12 months, after that it reverts to their normal price.

  • Me, Myself and I

    don’t say anything bad about wind on here. People will KILL YOU lol

  • Peter~

    It better start tomorrow….I’m getting the WIND-inch! Even if the $29/month is good for a year I’m sold.

  • Ronald Bow

    are you able to change plans or remove options after that one year?

  • John

    I’m trying to read some fine print and failed…

    During the 3 years of Windtab+, can I switch the device to another unlocked device without any negative consequences? If I can, this is a great plan…

  • manzoor

    keep in mind that 29/month is only for one year and after that you have to pay 45/month. And if you are buying cellphone from them on windtab+ plan then if you change the plan you to return remaining wintab+ balance. It is no that attractive as it sounds.

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