Samsung Galaxy Gio launched by Bell and Virgin


  • Dimitri

    Now this is what i call a good phone & a good price. I would like to see prices like this for $0 3 years on other devices. Wish the big 3 would do this.

    • TomatoGuy

      Are you serious? At $0 on a 3 year contract for such cheap device is the worst pricing ever. Just buy the phone outright and don’t put yourself into carrier jail for 3 years.

    • ToniCipriani

      I thought Bell was part of the “Big 3″…

    • daveloft

      True I wouldn’t get this phone on contract when you could just buy the phone for $150. But the $0 on contract just requires a voice plan and not data. So a $150 discount for a three year contract on voice is pretty normal. You only get $400 or so off of a high end phone when it includes voice and data.

  • mda

    i just wish the htc wildfire was this cheap, beats Gio in every aspect.

  • Dimitri

    For you it might be cheap. But for people that do not have money like you & others that can buy 150 or 200$ + for 3 years or or even $600 for outright is the best. Not everyone has money like that to spend on a phone.

  • Rory

    Not sure entirely but I think with supertab there is no contact you just pay the phone off each month

  • TomatoGuy

    Bell is actually very funny, why would anyone buy a phone from them when Virgin Mobile(that is also Bell) has it cheaper along with more attractive plans? If this kind of trend continues, Big3 customers will begin to slowly moving to their sub-brands.

    • Stupid

      Because the lesser sub-networks get use of less towers, etc. meaning you get less one way or another for those very slim savings if any.

      Rogers does the same thing with Fido.

      Not at all worth it in my opinion.

  • schultzter

    How can Bell sell this for $250 when their own sub-brand has it for $150?!

    And I wonder if this means the Galaxy Ace, Fit, or Mini are coming to Bell too? Since those phones don’t seem to support Bell’s HSPA/UMTS frequencies – although according to Samsung neither does the Gio so who knows!

    • Alex Perrier

      Koodo and Telus both have this problem too, at least slightly, but for Android and the iPhone 4, this is virtually a non-issue.

      The way i see it, Bell thinks its customers are stupid. “Virgin’s a different company and their reception’s not as good as ours!” Yeah, sure, that’s so true, because Virgin uses the Bell Mo… hold up a second! How does that make sense? Why do both companies share the same booth or table at Future Shop or Best Buy? Etcetera…

      Overall, Bell’s got some work to do. It generally costs less than Rogers but costs more than Telus. Solo’s unconscious, and nobody bothered to call the ambulance, let alone do CPR. Virgin’s where it’s at, but they are now basically a sibling, if not a twin, of Bell Mobility. A few differences for the better, thankfully.

  • andy c

    Mobilesyrup needs a budget/el-cheapo android comparison

    HTC wildfire, Samsung Gio, LG ??, Sony xperia mini

    • TheDeysion

      you mean moblicity

    • Alex Perrier

      More precisely:

      Andy C says he wants Mobile Syrup to review budget phones and see which one is the best. Sony’s pricey, though, but that may simply be because Rogers is the leading carrier for Sony smartphones.

      TheDeysion would like to see better Android devices at budget carriers such as Mobilicity. There’s a Samsung Galaxy Mini, which is reassuring, because the Spice is getting outdated very quickly.

      Let’s hope for both these events to happen! 😀

  • elnad

    To everybody that will check this page later for some info on the Galaxy Gio, you have to know that this Gio is a dirt cheap version M of the 5660.

    I bought the Bell version of this phone at FS for my girlfriend (75$ this week) and will unlock it for a Fido sim card tonight with fastgsm (the version M is supposed to be support).

    I will try to update if everything goes ok. The screen is only 240×400 and it kind of lag when you switch screen, but for a 75$ phone, I’m not gonna ask to much. I’ll try youtube tonight on it and will give you some info again very soon. The CPU is slower too, but just playing with the phone doesn’t seem to bad. It’s not a gaming phone, so forget Angry Birds. But for email and Facebook, I think it will work.

    • elnad

      Update: After 24 hours, the phone now have access to 3G. I was thinking of returning the phone, but the next morning, everything started to work perfectly. I think it take 24 hours before your provider accept a new phone or that the phone accept data.

      Very good phone. We now have 3 unlocked with Koodo and Fido.

  • Chris

    how did you unlock it elnad? hope u see this message and can post the URl or service

  • Ash Pauls

    Will a Rogers micro sim card work on a Galaxy Gio?