Fido has doled out 336 million FidoDollars to their customers


  • human

    …and have taken $1000000000000 real dollars from their customers.

  • Jim R

    Fido dollars have significant restrictions. For example, they can’t be applied to a smart phone unless you’re taking a contract – which made them next to useless for me.

    • Jay

      @Jim: Actually, you should stop handing out false information. You can use FidoDollars to get any phone, without having to renew your contract, EVEN SMARTPHONES. You can also use them to order accessories from the site. You can put them toward the first month or two of a plan addon as well. They’re more useful than you think, do your research.

    • ToniCipriani


      Your info is horribly out of date. Accessories were removed from eligibility a LONG time ago.

      This was before I left them a year ago, when I was struggling to find a way to use up my FidoDollars.

  • rg

    so how many millions of “fidodollars” does it take to buy a new phone?

  • Strawberry guy

    Fido dollars are 1:1 for real money, rg.

  • Michael Kwan (@michaelkwan)

    I’d really be interested to know how many of those FidoDollars have been redeemed for sure. I’m sitting on about $60 or so and, realistically, with nowhere to spend it.

  • Mobiler

    *Subject to $25 Hardware Upgrade Fee

  • Dave

    Fudu dollars does not apply to airtime etc. It’s ONLY apply to new phone (hardwares, batties) then they’re ripping you off again with this so call “subject to $25 Hardware Upgrade Fee”.

  • koko

    Its a scam.. a couple of years ago they refused to let me purchase an iPhone and I had over $700 Fido dollars.. useless.. you’re better off collecting Canadian Tire money.

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Yes, the caption should read “336 million USELESS FidoDollars”.

    I think the only way you can actually get value out of a large number of FD is to convert to prepaid and then use them for airtime. You could even donate the balance to charity by SMS. But on postpaid they’re damn near useless.

  • ChrisTheAmazing

    Fido Surcharge For Using Fido Dollars, 25.00..
    So If They Have Given 336million, Image The Money They Have Made Of The Customers Using Them.
    And Of Course The 25.00 Surcharge Is When You Use Your Fido Dollars Towards A Device.

  • Dude

    The 25$ is when you buy a new device, fido dollars on not. You can use it to get a lot of options for 1 or 2 months for free if you’re not using it on a new phone.

  • osman

    If we lived in a world of sanity, we should be allowed to use the balance on our monthly bill.

    Someone needs to sue Fido. And quickly.

  • Big 3

    results would be more interested if they showed how many people ACTUALLY redeemed them and how much were not redeem due to port-outs

  • happy

    i had got a iphone 4 for free when it came ut but i had to pay 10 dollor hardware upgrade fee whcih was taken in fido dollors and a got a freee belkin case which was covered with fido dollors. some agents dont no what they r saying u have to talk to some good agents to redeem fido dollors

  • Alex Perrier

    With all those “fees” and the expensive price of barebones feature phones, these FidoDollars are almost useless. Plus, it’s 5% of your monthly bill, which is odd when compared to Koodo’s (or mime Virgin’s/WIND’s) 10% Tab.

    The SuperTab at Virgin is sometimes 15% if you take a special promotional smartphone plan!

    All these numbers aren’t too high, but they are better than nothing. Does anyone know if Koodo/Virgin/WIND have an upgrade fee? i know one person with K$ and the other with F$, and Fido had a fee, but not sure about Koodo…

  • Dude

    Difference is you actually PAY to have money on the Koodo Tab and it takes forever to pay off a phone. Fido is GIVING you that money (almost like paying you to be their customer), you’re not paying anything to accumulate all those fido dollars. Only Canadian company to offer this.

    • Alex Perrier

      If you buy the phone outright but still activate a Tab, at least with Koodo, they will let you accumulate 10% of your monthly bills, up to a maximum of $150. This can be used to buy new devices.

      So it’s still much better than no rewards. Does anyone here know if Fido had 10%, too, at one point?

  • Dude

    The contract you take with Fido pretty much covers 80% of the cost of phones, the fido dollars usually take care of the rest if you have enough.

  • arkeetek

    Wanted to get a Nexus S with my Fido Dollars, but needed to sign up for 3 year data plan in order to use my Fido points on the purchase of a smartphone. If you get a regular phone you dont need to sign a contract. So I got a Nokia C6 instead, sold it and switched over to Wind with that money. Thanks Fido!

  • egg

    who the hell cares, 70% of the money they have given out is unused, Fido sucks.

  • dumbdumb

    Fido could have given out 1 billion fido dollars and they would all still be useless.

    Worst customer loyalty plan ever.

  • jack

    this program is almost as useless as the fido trade program. trading in a iphone4?? you get 280$

  • jaylen

    WHooo effin cares really!!?? Fido blows chunks!

  • Dude

    Jack: same thing with a car, the moment it’s not new it loses 50% of it’s value.

  • Rome

    Yeah, trying to redeem some fido dollars, but it doesn’t work with Iphones, or any smartphone. You can’t really use it for anything useful. Don’t even know why they give you the fido dollars. Why can’t fido be more like Canadian Tire. You can use your canadian tire money for anything in the store. Why call them rewards when you can’t even buy anything of value with them, not even a piece of chewing gum.