Fido has now given $319 million worth of FidoDollars back to customers

Here’s an interesting stat for all the Fido customers out there. “FidoDollars” is Fido’s loyalty program that rewards Fido customers in various ways by giving a % back each month. Last quarter Fido announced they have given out a total of $301 million worth of FidoDollars back to their customers (see an image of this here)… but this month for whatever reason the number has dramatically increased by almost 6% to $319 million FidoDollars (this is an additional $18 million worth of FidoDollars). The Nexus S and new BlackBerry Curve 3G must be selling really well at Fido.

Impressive numbers. Would love to see all the details of if/what people have redeemed their FidoDollars for.

Source: Fido