Virgin confirms release of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and the Torch 9810


  • who cares about virgin

    who cares about virgin, Koodo is better

  • csieerrr

    Who cares about Virgin or Koodo or Chatr.

    Wind is better (as are Public Mobile and Mobilicity). Anyone but Robellus!!

  • Alex Perrier

    Oh, how it surprises me that Bell and Virgin have synonymous device and plan lineups, to the point that they could almost pass for, and pretty much are, the same company! :O

    (Yes, i realize that there certainly are differences, but this is like trying to tell two twins apart.)

    • Alex Perrier

      Whoever thumbed down and ran away didn’t bother to post a counter-argument to my “twins” theory.

  • raz

    Hopefully pricing structure won’t be similar to the Rogers’ one. I couldn’t honestly recommend a $200 Torch over a GSII or Sensation. Anything over $100 is too much.

    Sorry RIM

  • Rich


    Lol i didnt vote on your Syrup ‘rep’, but here’s a couple; I’m with Bell AND Virgin for my family, and Virgin has had 0 Activation fees for the past 2 years at least. They have had no supplimentary 25$ migration fee for upgrades for those off contract willing to upgrade. They also (more often than not) have higher in store discounts on phones which Bell has had to price match in order to stay relevant to my needs of being a competitive smart buyer, aswell as better customer service across their wireless support comparatively speaking towards Bell. Lastly, they have in the very least, the Tab option that subsidizes the price of the handset based on a rate plan which pays it off, ultimately making my device more cheaper for the service im paying for in the first place… I just dont have to eat the cost up front, versus later. When I choose to get a new device for my wife and son, I’d pay the discount price of the device and get the rate of a NEW customer versus some hokey unrealistic upgrade fee or early cancel fee to migrate.

  • Buluck

    Storm 2 and 9700, only two blackberries you need to worry about! I lov emy 9700 just codlnut do another touch screen after my iPhone, ruined it for me. The storm2 has a great feel to it .better than the iPhone but ehhh. I was already on AT&T as well.