Rogers BlackBerry Torch 9810 official price points!


  • Rory

    still shooting themselves in the foot with those prices.

    • bob

      The most expensive price on 3 years.
      Outright price is the same as the HTC Sensation.


    • TomatoGuy

      Saga of overpriced BlackBerries continues…
      Do they really think people are so stupid to shell out $500+ for inferior devices?
      No wonder RIM stock falling every day.

  • SmartPhonz

    199??? I’d consider it if it was $0

  • Neil

    huh? Really? Is this the price that everyone will have this for. Android is better and cheaper

  • Bill

    Wow, what a pricing surprise – in line with every other new smartphone that gets released. Give it a couple of months and Best Buy and Future shop will have them for $0.00 along with an in-store $50 gift card…

  • mike.r

    Wouldn’t pay more than a nexus s on a 3 year!!
    get it together rim and rogers!!

  • cody

    Okay, one would question why the blackberry line is still around, and everyone should question these prices.

  • GCooper

    Why on earth would somebody choose a 2yr over a 1yr for a whopping $50 discount. Just plain stupid, nothing like bullying people into 3yrs, lmao

  • Dimitri

    I have noticed something. Companies other then Apple do not set the prices. Rogers, Telus, Bell, Virgin, Fido, Mobilicity, Public mobile & the rest set the prices. Apple is the the only company that set the prices on their phones. So its the service providers doing this not the manufacturer. I do agree tho that the price is way to high for it.

  • Nasir

    I agree with Dimitri, Rogers is setting the pricing. Look what they did with the original Torch it was the same price point at AT&T, but we had to sign a 3 year term.

    These guys are making insane profits on the handsets, even after the subsidy they are losing max 100 dollars on the phone. If you look at the RIM employee pricing structure for the phones, how can the carriers be paying more than that.

  • George

    $200 on a three year?? The device cost rim probaly $100 to manufacture. Crackberrys are over priced. I would buy it for $350 max no contract. This is just like when the bold 900 came Out Rogers wanted $250.

    • Stephen81BB

      You can’t be serious!! thinking a BlackBerry costs $100 to make? really I suspect to manufacture the device you are looking at Material costs in the $180-200 range, then assembly costs, distribution costs, and margin requirements the carriers have got to be paying in the $250-300 range for these devices.

  • TheTigerTek

    Its not RIM’s fault cuz Rogers wants to rip off its customers.

  • Paul

    Total RIP OFF in my opinion.

  • George

    No Rogers wanted $400 when they first released the bold 9000 on a three year. After a month the torch will go down to $0 at best buy.

  • Chris

    RIM should downsize their smartphone line to only 2 models and make those 2 models exceptionally well. Keep one for the business user and one for the non business user. Making 2 really good phones is better than making a dozen crappy ones! Smarten up RIM your going down!

  • George

    At Chris only apple can pull that off. Just one phone to both business and consumer that sell well.

    • Anthony

      To see the world in an , and hold infinity in the palm of your hand. This is not just a dream. With Google , you can eisaly grasp the world in your hands. Have an , you have the whole world.

  • RichieRich

    Jesus, When are the carriers going to start to have fair contract pricing. How does a $250 price reduction from a 2 – 3 year contract make sense when there is only a $50 price reduction for 1 – 2 year contracts. I agree with GCooper, bullying into 3 year contracts for the loss.

    • kingk

      never ever. Ever. In your dreams maybe and that’s a maybe.

      They can make them 5 year contracts and no one can do s**t.

  • Tom@BBM

    This will be fatal for RIM. As a rep, i can say that no one will get a 199 TORCH (for gods sake!) when they can get a dual core sII for 40$ cheaper…NO ONE.

    Rogers is starting to piss me off, not even their dealer support is helpful…

    • kingk

      I could care less about RIM but not everyone is looking for an oversized cheap plastic Samsung touch screen.

      How many girls do you think are buying the s2???? 1%

      Wonder how many years RIM has left….lol

    • Stephen81BB

      as a “Rep” you just don’t know how to sell I guess.

      Selling the cheapest handset is easy. Finding out a consumers needs and putting them in the best device for them is the harder part. the Torch, and other BlackBerry Products have a lot to offer a consumer who isn’t out to save the most off the initial capital cost. over a 2 year period paying Full Retail for a BlackBerry is Cheaper for me than getting a free iPhone, or Android device based on Data cost and international roaming.

  • KidCanada

    I noticed that whenever there is a post of a new blackberry coming out, there is actually more whining and complaining which is stupid. There is actually more demand for blackberries than any other android phone except the galaxy s2. Just because you guys don’t like blackberries doesn’t mean it can’t be a high end device same why I prefer blackberries over android phones. Suck it up and quit complaining people cuz no one is forcing you to buy it…

    • Nathan T

      I agree, and all your complaining about price, the Iphone is like $700 without contract, and hardly changes from year to year, at least RIM is actually attempting to come up with new models and please a Range of customers, rather than bring out the same thing year after year. and all the android lovers, your phones and apps constantly have virus and malware issues in the app store. when it comes down to it, I’ll stick with my Blackberry because it’s the most secure device there is, and I don’t have to worry about my personal info be stolen

  • ELNY

    Lol…this just makes me laugh. Whether it is Rogers or not, you have to be one really uneducated consumer to spend $200 on a crappy phone that can barely do anything, compared to a top of the line Android, such as the Galaxy S2, that goes for $169.99 (which is still expensive!). RIM is really killing themselves, they will not make it to the end of 2012 at this rate.

    If they were smart, they would get a team of people to browse the internet forums of ppl complaining and criticizing on how they could improve their phones. People actually LIKE blackberries and want them to succeed. They are not listening at all!

    • RQwantan

      So Blackberries are now “crappy phones that can barely do anything”? For some of us doing anything, or being productive, doesn’t include playing games or spending countless hours downloading and flicking through apps that stop getting used after 1 week. For some of us Blackberries are the best at doing exactly what we want them to do.

    • Stephen81BB

      What Can’t my BlackBerry do?
      besides playing games? and opening email attachments over 6MB?

      those are the only 2 things I find I can’t do on my BlackBerry, yet I manage to move though between 100-150 emails a day, spend 3-4 hours talking, to people, and use txt based communication (primarily BBM) with friends and family globally all day.

      What am I missing out on? with my OLD BlackBerry’s These new ones will just make that faster

  • eh0K

    Now would probably be a good time for a “Buy a Playbook, get a BB” promotion, the $199/3 yr does seem like too much.

  • Stephen81BB

    @ TomatoGuy

    Please point me to a portrait keyboard device on the market that compares to the BlackBerry’s and show me how the BlackBerry is inferior?
    Currently there is NO quality Portrait keyboard device on the market at a similar price point, with the features and benefits of the BlackBerry Platform.

  • ELNY

    Ok, you guys are right, the BBs may serve all your needs but to pay $200 for a device that ONLY allows you to do those things is ludicrous. That’s like having the choice between a Ferrari (gs2) and a Honda civic (BBs). Yes both will get you from point a to point b but one of them is funner and better. So then with this analogy, why on earth would you pay MORE than a ferrari ($150k+) for a Honda civic???

  • TheDac

    I find it very humorous that every bashes RIM and Blackberry. Look at it from a different perspective. I have a blackberry and I abuse my data. Yet I never exceed my data allotted to me in my plan. I see everyone talking about the iphone and the android and I am pretty sure that most have more data usage than me. Could it be that the most carriers want you all on the data hungry iPhone and android? Could it be that they all like making money off of you? More money than us BB users? Could it be that the BB manages data better?
    If I wanted a device that could play games and tons of USELESS apps that do nothing more than waste my time and I would have bought an iPhone or an Android. And let us be honest, most people with the iPhone\Android do that. Oooo they get to listen to music. The BB does that so does Android, plus both of those have the option of adding a micro SD card to the device. And really, does it matter on the speed if you use it for email and texting? This reminds me of the processor war that intel and AMD were having back in the day. In the end seems like a pissing contest. As for the price I mean really? I would 600 for a phone if it gets me out of being locked into a contract. For that I will give apple credit. Being able to buy an unlocked phone is the cat’s a*s. But for a fee, I too can have an unlocked phone. At the end of the day it’s what is best for you and your needs. Bashing RIM or Apple or latest flavour of Android is pointless. You all spend money for the device that is going work the best for you.