Chatr officially announces data is coming, plus the Android LG Optimus Phoenix


  • Crunch204


  • Xer

    Rogers needs to get real. $10 for 100MB? if Chatr is used to fight the newbies, then $10 should get us ar least 3GB of data if not unlimited.

    • Cadet

      chatr is not fighting off newbies
      chatr is fighting off fido… can’t you see how similar robbers are making those two as?

    • A. Carmine

      @ Cadet

      Why would Rogers use one of it’s brands to kill off another?? If you didn’t know, they are both under Rogers.

      Rogers —> Fido —> ChatR

  • TomatoGuy

    Robbers wouldn’t introduce anything without a chance of ripping you off. I bet overage charges will be at sky high prices.

    • khk

      Why would there be overage charges with Chatr?… don’t keep any extra money in your account, if you go over 100MB the service stops.

  • HK_Forever

    $35+$10=$45 plan?

  • iBerry

    ChatRogers! Its not UNLIMITED!!

    • HK_Forever

      Explain please?

    • ToniCipriani

      Chat-r is actually a subbrand created by our old friend Robbers Wireless, who also brought us the scam by the name GRRF, in an attempt to eliminate the new entrants and their unlimited plans, so they don’t have to reduce their exorbitant rates on their “Premium” and “Budget” brands in order to actually compete.

  • roman129

    Doesn’t chatr work on Rogers’ 2G network anyway? 100MB isn’t the problem if you’re waiting a minute for a webpage to load, and you can’t really stream anything.

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      3g actually.. also where is the steamed veg and justin imbecile.. NO data ever huh.. well looks like WIND has contracts for all you guys… so much for being different.

  • Bill

    Chatr = Rogers. I don’t care how good their plans are, I will never support Chatr. They only made up this brand to compete with the new entrants. If you buy a Chatr phone/plan, you are supporting Rogers and contributing to forcing the new guys out which puts everyone back at square one again in trying to get better deals and competition.

    • ToniCipriani

      I wouldn’t even use the word “compete”. They envisioned using Chat-r to bully them out, rather. Rogers has Fido as their “value” brand, why on earth did they even need Chat-r? They just didn’t want the ratchet effect of actually lowering prices on their original brands, so they can resort back to extortion after the “job is done”.

  • Alex Perrier

    From the company that brought you overpriced LTE…

    100 MB is very little. It’s like Rogers knows that its non-LTE networks apparently can’t handle heavy Internet traffic. i say this because HSPA+ is usually from 1 to 3 Mbit/s in my case.

    Not sure if this will help Chatr. They serve the same zones than Wind/Mobi/Public who all have better value. Oh, but where did Solo Mobile go? Another orange? What’s the taste like? And the selection? How fresh is it?

  • HK_Forever

    How much is the price for the phone? $349?

  • Max

    100MB?! You must be kidding me. If people are looking for a real affordable wireless service in Canada, they should consider Wind or Mobilicity rather than Chat-r. Let’s support the revolution and tell the Big-3 Canadians are so fxxking tire of the over-priced cell phone bills!

  • Terry

    There seriously needs to be a law for wireless ads in this country stating which company owns what.

    Virgin, Solo = Bell
    Fido, Chatr = Rogers
    Koodo = Telus

    People need to realize there isn’t real competition in this country.

    I mean when you look at food labels, they always state what company owns them. Look at pop, you’ll always see if it’s Pepsi or Coke.
    Wireless ads however? They state “They are owned by their RESPECTIVE companies’
    How is that legal!?

  • max

    Chat-r use Rogers network They have 3G . I’m a Chat-r customer and my phone is working on the 3G network. I am on the 25$ unlimited plan and no drop calls and very happy with it. I am in quebec so Chat-r was the only solution. I was a Rogers customer andmy bill was 50$ for 200 min only

  • Brad

    isn’t it funny how stupid Rogers thinks Wind and Mobilicity customers are?

  • Phil


    Too bad you’re wrong. Chatr is using the old 2G network from robbers. Don’t know where you got the info from.

    • Merc


      you are wrong, Chatr works on both Rogers 3G n 2G networks. Till now Chatr had only 2G phones in their line up. So people assumed that its 2G only network. this new Android LG Optimus Phoenix is the first official 3G phone from Chatr.

      If you put any Chatr Sim in a 3G phone, you will be able to see that it works on Rogers 3G too

    • max

      The info i get from my phone i see a big 3G on it.

  • Bigripoff

    All I see are wind fanboys crying that Rogers might crush them.

  • littlebabywawa

    I guess dropped calls/the half duplex effect/roaming in the home zone/etc with Wind is much better or almost as bad being with Mobilicity who have lousy service/coverage…GET REAL…the new entrants are a complete joke.Just a bunch of opportunists filled with HYPE & pure BS.

    And chatr is 3G you MORONS!

  • The Real Deal

    Its about time! Chat-r has the best network over the other value brands. (Mobilicity/Wind/Public) why would you want to support a non Canadian company over a Canadian company? Yes Chat-r is somewhat a part of Rogers! But Facts are, they have better coverage, you can use your own unlock GSM devices versus Wind stupid frequencies and Public CDMA network. Wind and the other guys do not have anything over Chat-r yet. Maybe in a few years but not now. These days customers want the best service for the best price. And sorry to say Chat-r is sitting on top right now Tomato Guy!

  • Big 3

    The 100mb data option would b convincing compared to new entrants if it was for $5. Which make other carriers lower their data options

  • Jeremy

    The Real Deal: I’d gladly support a Canadian company if there was one that wasn’t constantly trying to screw over its customers. I would have thought that between Rogers, Bell, and Telus that at least one of them would take the high road. Sadly, that’s not the case.

    The facts are, Rogers has played this game before and after they win they change the rules (Fido used to be great, now it’s just another face on Rogers with the same stupid policies and screwing over their customers).

    The coverage is the same for Chat-r vs WIND or Mobilicity (they all charge more once you’re outside your “home” zone, though in Chat-r’s case there’s no need for a home zone other than to rip people off).

  • serpico

    Quote:” why would you want to support a non Canadian company over a Canadian company?”

    Because I care about my money and I do not care about inefficient Canadian companies . That is why !

  • littlebabywawa

    And you think $10 Data on Mobilicity that is throttled/slow/fluctuating is great,giving away services they can’t afford in the first place and instead of building their infrastructure saving money for the next Spectrum so they can sell better…just like Wind Mobilicity is a COMPLETE joke and worthless.The only thing holding back chatr is the Data and look out if they really decide to compete.Which proves the new entrants offer no competition and run on BS.

  • littlebabywawa

    And Public Mobile can make to Hamilton,yet Mobilicity can’t even make it out of Mississauga with a poor Toronto Home Zone and instead of fixing the issues Davey boy is trying to get more Subs with free phones/burgers/t-shirts-garbage man and shows the new entrants are desperate and sinking.And where’s Mobi’s advertising,in cheap magazines like Metro or hidden where you can’t see them-filled with moron Alien drag queens and they paid money for that garbage?

  • kycayman

    Haha…100mb damn, you call that value. I’m with chatr. Only reason I didn’t go with mobilicity is because my unlocked phone would not work on the mobilicity network.

    Oh well…….some data is better then no data, but at $10 for 100mb, ouch! I’d rather just opt for a fido plan.

  • whocares

    wind/mobilicity blows, go chatr!

  • Cadet

    @A. Carmine
    i know, that’s why i said that…
    the creation of chatr was already making fido look bad
    now that they gonna give them better phones instead of fido
    makes it even worst than before…
    i AM a fido user and my bro is using rogers
    i do know they are under the same parent yet just.. have some sort of different treatments

  • AceOfSpadez

    Finally, been a long time chatr customer, everything has been going good, just needed that bit of data to ensure it’s there when I need it. As long as it isn’t overly priced, I will hop on board!

  • MobileLover

    Rogers has announced, that they have lost 9 Percent of their customers and down by $42M/Year.

  • Mark

    “download apps and music, be connected socially etc etc”

    Really guys? its 100MB, not 100GB. I use upto 150MB daily just because of ebuddy pro and web browsing plus one youtube video on average. Thanks to the 6GB plan I dont run out but 100MB is such a rip off. Not that I like paying $30 for just 6GB but what can we do 🙁

  • scott

    I got 6gb of data with Koodo for just $25 bucks, heck of a lot better than Chatr with pitiful 100mb. and got the city koodo for $35 bucks which gives me unlimited local calling, unlimited text and picture messaging. and they threw in caller Id and Voicemail. Which is a heck of a lot better than Chatr, Mobilicity, and Wind put together.

  • gomez889

    what good is mobilicity and wind if there reception is not good in my area, i dont care how cheap there data and voice rates are, i need reliable reception and at least with chatr i am getting rogers which has great reception in my area

  • gsmrules

    City Kodoo??? Imitation of the all original City Fido???? yeah Fido has that too