Chatr to release the LG Optimus Phoenix, data coming soon?


  • Max

    Would be interesting to see Chat-r offers data…..

  • KettleCorn

    woo EDGE speeds

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      3G voice right now.. so 3g data easily oh wait rogers has LTE up and running.. oh my anyways this will shake things up for sure! why would anyone want Wind now? better network unlimited phone options.. and fingers crossed data.. ok wind who?

  • brett

    I say they will be data for $15

  • KidCanada

    @KettleCorn – Chatr runs off Rogers network so I highly doubt it’ll have edge only..

  • tom

    it will probably be $10 unlimited wap browsing just like speakout and petro Canada currently offer which also uses the Rogers network. they have 3g speeds and if you root the device you can turn it into pretty good service with asproxy. problem here is koodo sells the optimus one for 150 which seems very similar and the battery life on that phone is pretty bad. I had one and returned it. buying the koodo and unlocking seems like the way to go

    • Alex Perrier

      When they release the Gingerbread upgrade, battery life will be less of an issue.

  • XER

    Chat-R with data is a good sign? Maybe they are trying to match Koodo’s $25 for 2GB. For even with this price, it is still expensive. I think $15 for 10GB is a good deal.

    • ToniCipriani

      As much as I want cheap data too… but $15 for 10GB… keep dreaming. It just won’t happen.

  • Harris

    Rogers + Chatr can burn in hell…. Yes, that includes you too Fido.

    I don’t see how the Competition Bureau allows chatr to even exist in the market. It is all in spite of the new entrants.

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      Harry do try and keep up. Rogers claimed they had the idea for a zone system 6 months before jabroni talked the sultan of sand into investing into the white elephant. Also IC wanted more competition well they have it. I like the idea of having so much choice! Thanks wind you are awesome.. damm circuits busy again!

  • Fenrir767

    Phones should be arriving in stores soon. So maybe we will see data come back to school!

  • Thomas Hawk

    Only e-mail.

  • khk

    What’s up with that crappy photo of a Chatr SIM card package?

  • J.Soul

    I never understood why Chat-R got flak in regards to “competition”. Telus did the same thing with Koodo, but because they did it BEFORE the new entrants came around, no one cares.

  • nuclearbroccoli

    That’s the difference. Bell created Koodo to compete with Rogers and Telus, and Rogers made adjustments to their Fido brand to compete.
    Chatr was created only to compete with the new entrants so that Rogers didn’t have to lower their rates on their mainstream brands.
    Never doubt that if Wind and Mobilicity go under that Chatr will either raise rates, or it will be shut down and the customers will be moved to Rogers or fido.

  • crunch204

    @nuclearbroccoli- don’t you mean Telus created Koodo? Bell has Solo and Virgin Mobile

  • JSmith

    Seems ridiculous that the big 3 (axis of evil) have to continually add sub brands to their sub brands to try and obtain an edge. Telus has Koodo, then bought Blacks camera. Rogers has Fido and now Chatr, and Bell has Solo, Virgin Mobile Canada, and owns the Source. These companies need to be on that TLC show about hoarding.

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      yes you are right how dare they buy companies and make more jobs! They should be fined! They should outsource the call centers and then employ i****s n the stores! hire people like Justin imbecile and the steamed veg to be spokestrolls.

  • chuchu

    Does it mean that the iphone will also work with Chatr?

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      Yes it would mean almost any handset would. How interesting!

      voice quality is amazing 3G clear and loud.. Wind not so much. Mobli and Public were far better.

  • Ray

    This is good, hope they get better phones and cost effective data plans. I wonder what the initial service and pricepoints would be?

  • Luke

    I know chatr is sending surveys to their customers askig if they ahve alandlien and “did you know that chatr is owned by rogers” two simple questiosn and if you are chosen survey they give you $100….interesting.

  • Phil

    Chatr actually has pretty good service, I’m looking forward to seeing what data options they have.

  • youyou

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