HTC “Status” coming soon to TELUS


  • JayJay

    This will make a nice addition to TELUS’ lineup – now if they can only hurry up and release the Flyer already!!!

  • saffant

    “Hey look.. i got myself a ‘facebook phone'”

  • Cody

    Time for a high end HTC TELUS device, please….

    • Cwinder

      Like the DHD?

  • Justin

    other than then sensation the only other high end htc phone being released is the evo 3d, which was just announced in europe, hopefully it will get released on telus, seeing that bell got the last htc high end

  • Alex Perrier

    What will happen to the INQ Chat 3G?

    • sookster54

      The INQ Chat isn’t in the smartphones category, it’s still there in the mobile phones section.

  • Alex Perrier

    The “Status name” is perhaps better than “ChaCha”, but only reinforces the unfortunate fact that the phone is built around one particular website which i don’t use…

  • Alex Perrier

    Samsung Link had an FB button, but all it does is open up the web browser. It doesn’t allow sharing or any features like that. It’s also annoying that non-FB users are unable to map the button for, say, another function.

    • Cwinder

      buy a different phone lol/

  • johnnov

    Give me a break Telus, release something a high end phone already.

  • Hiscock

    My wife would love this phone … I’d switch to telus for her to get this if they had decent couples plans (and release the SGS2 for me to grab).

  • Mike

    Telus releases THIS but they don’t pick up the HTC 7 Pro… makes no sense

  • RM

    not every phone TELUS releases needs to be high end… This phone will compete against the BB Curve & Bold market. Relax people more phones are launching before Sept.

  • Ira

    I’d love to get hands on an Android full keyboard phone. I don’t really use Facebook, so I’ll just discard Facebook feature.