Confirmed: TELUS to release the HTC ChaCha


  • Jay

    Android-powered QWERTY (blackberry-looking) phone… That is SOOOOO wrong.

  • Sean

    I wonder how many teen girls will drop their blackberries for these because they are “facebook phones”

    • Jay

      @Sean: Yea, I love the “Facebook Button”. The rest of the world will have their Super AMOLED screens with a Facebook widget right on the front screen. But not these people, they have a button!

    • Jay

      …and for those who can’t tell. Yes, that was ooooooozing sarcasm.

  • astudent

    I think I am going to hurl

  • Claudiu Corbea

    Good idea. I find old school buttons easier to type and more precise than touchscreen ones.

    • mda

      @Claudiu Corbea
      What’s a good idea? that he wants to hurl?

  • Phil

    Ok telus really needs some GOOD phones, the last good phone was the dhd and that was half a year ago

    • Sean

      Agreed Bell has the Atrix, Sensation and the Galaxy S 2. All of the dual core devices in Canada are with them. I expect telus to improve their line up soon or else they will fall behind. Anyways i wouldn’t buy a phone until they come out with their LTE network next year

  • Doug

    It’ll do well actually. Android 2.3, fast processor and will be cheap. this is way better than the Wildfire

  • alskdj

    desire s was spotted on the sense site, CMON TELUS IF YOU DONT PICK THIS UP………. i will cry

    and this will prob go to koodo too

  • ken

    will this be coming to Koodo mobile as well, if so that would be so so awesome. koodo needs to get their act together and get more phones, they only have 2 good one the nexus s and the optimus one.

  • stephan

    Why is it the AT&T version of it has the alt key but we have the “fn” key? This phone is right up Telus’s alley lol, glad I left them years ago!

  • Gob

    So, Bell gets the HTC Sensation, and TELUS gets this?? Wow…

    • mce

      That is *exactly* what I thought.

  • tierra


    What’s the point of having a hardware upgrade option when all the new phones are not motivating us to upgrade?

    I have a HTC Hero running Gingerbread, which means I have no interest in ANY of the phones that Telus is offering me right now, especially not this one.

  • MXM4K

    Wow, you people are all so predictable. Stop whining that a company is releasing a non top end device. This phone isn’t targeted to people who want top end super crazy powerful phones. It’s targeted to the social media crowd who just want a phone that can do facebook, twitter, email. This phone does that (and is marketed as such). You don’t need to spend $500+ to do those relatively basic tasks.

    And worry not Telus ‘fans’, they’re bound to land another top end device eventually. Heaven forbid there aren’t enough phones coming out these days, even just playing the odds alone Telus will get something good soon.

  • Stanley Jude Patrao

    id rather get an iphone, power to apple!

  • Crunch204

    Everybody dislike that guy ^

  • Gary

    what is up with HTC’s names anyway lol

  • Sunny

    Get a dual core device .that’s what the people want Telus not a fb phone

  • Sunny

    It’s still a good device for the socials

  • Luqman

    Haha very true Gary, what’s next, HTC Salsa? Lol

    • A Whale


    • TheDeysion

      Apparently that happened next to The ChaCha

  • JayJay

    I had the pleasure of playing with phone back when HTC had their tour here in Toronto, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t think much of this phone at first, but after toying around with it, the ChaCha is a sweet device – I was told it will come with some thoughtful accessories like something u can clip to the outside of your purse that will let ladies know they’re getting a call/text when out in a loud environment, doesn’t sound like anything revolutionary, but I know more than a few ppl will find it useful – great work HTC

  • jon

    seriously people? your on a tech blog so obviously you dont appreciate this and it would be a downgrade for most of you but many people dont care about tech. This phone is marketed towards them and not you. It will sell because fbook is so big and people actually want stuff like this.

  • jon

    oh and telus will be getting the s2, all the big should get it. So really stop bitching, the best android phone is coming to telus soon.

  • RM

    well said MXM4K. all the fan boys here always think the mobile world revolves around what they want…. The TRUTH is this phone will take a BITE out of RIM’s Curve and Bold Market and that is why HTC made it…. FANBOYS, it is not all about you.

  • aka

    I have nothing against this phone, more variety for people, spread a little Android love around, seriously.

    As for the wingnuts wanting the SII so badly, you can buy the imported version now. This goes especially to those bi*ching about contracts every time..

  • sookster54

    I’m not fond of the Facebook button, but other than that this MIGHT be a decent candybar Android phone, I had the Motorola Charm which is a terrible phone and barely lasts a day on a full charge. Touchscreen keyboard isn’t for everyone, As someone else said, this’ll take a bite out of RIM’s Curve & Bold series if it’s decent (HTC does make decent phones).

  • Mark

    I don’t like this phone and it is not for me, but it fills a niche market for HTC. It is a low end android for the social media people, specifically the kids/students, AND it will bite in to blackberry’s market share. It even looks like blackberry. Good on them for pushing android to new markets.

  • alison

    This is a garbage phone. Bell is getting all the good new phones lately. I will say that Telus does have better rate plans.

  • TheDeysion

    It is better Than the Wildfire!! Hooray.

  • Sunny

    So close. I wanted the HTC Merge.