OtterBox announces 3 upcoming cases for the BlackBerry Bold 9900


  • J Taylor

    Beautiful cases, and completely pointless if this device never gets released to the public.

    • Brittney

      It actually will get released to the public. You just have to wait & see.

  • TheTigerTek

    My friend works for RIM he has the 9900.. I played around with it… This thing is blazing fast.. Insane compare to the 9780. The touch is screen is very responsive on par with the other OS. Pinch to zoom works great. I found myself going from the keyboard to the screen often rather than using the trackpad. The keyboard is great best keyboard I’ve ever used… Finally the browser is huge improvement from BOS 6. It wasn’t final software so I couldn’t test NFC out. I gotta say this the BB everyone has been waiting for… Even tho the one I used was a prototype still the fit and finish was solid. Everything just feels right from the keyboard to the touch screen.

    • jimcmf

      I have a bold 9700, and love it. Will the 9900 have word correct?
      I saw a demo on YouTube, and the new Bold looks really good. what else is good about it?
      I hear that it is almost 50% slimmer.

  • Nasir

    I concur with TigerTek, the phone looks sweet. You really have to look at it up close and notice how nice it is. I am still hoping they announce the all touch. Its a toss up between that and Bold Touch for me.

  • Kardi

    I agree with you Nasir. I’m having the same debate.

  • Luqman

    Same here Nasir. Ive had the Bold 9000 for a year and the keyboard was amazing. Got the Torch in december and fell inlove with bigger screen and after using it for a while now, I cant see myself going back to the smaller screen especially when the 9900 and Torch 2 have the same specs. Although people say the keyboard on the Torch sucks, I got used to it in 2 weeks and its great now. I must say im not a fan of the smaller touch screen compared to my current Torch and I maybe getting Torch 2 instead but the Bold touch is indeed an awesome device.

  • JDubs08

    I have to say, when the BB Bold 9900 came out I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to get the device. I believe the 9000 Bold had the best keyboard on any QWERTY physical keyboarded phone. However, with the recent severe downturn that RIM is taking, investors backing out and the rumors that phones are being rushed to the market…can this phone be trusted?

    The specs are there but the software scares the crap out of me. It’s between this and the iPhone 5 for me. They both will probably be out at the same time.

  • Dave

    Ripoff case $99.99 – sold. LOL