Koodo Mobile officially releases the iPhone 4


  • Adam

    NO WAY!!!!! just in time for it to almost become irrelevant.

  • TheDeysion

    Koodo Has F*cked Themselves.

  • Jon

    how is the price on a 3-yr contract for an iPhone still so damn high, especially with a new iteration coming so soon

    • RealDeal

      Most consumers have no idea that a new iPhone will be out soon.

  • k

    This just in: the Americans have landed on the moon!

    Didn’t they spend countless dollars on bashing contracts and now realized that when you have expensive handsets it’s actually a more feasible option? Way to cross the floor on that, Koodo. You’re worse than a US politician on health care. Maybe you should try flipping your script about the flamboyant shirts you force your employees to wear! To be fair, their cancellation policy is what it should be everywhere else.

  • Cole Mackenzie

    That say contract!!!! What the heck is this, screw you koodo. And fyi telus’s student 55 plan has got you beat!!

    • Joey

      FYI they are the same company, Koodo’s plans are to see what they can get. They will fall in line once all the early adopters grab their iphone. Because telus’ plan “has them beat” those who wont pay the koodo price will pay the telus price and still put their money in the same pot. Telus manages their two brands the best, complimenting each other rather then compete with each other. this is evidenced by their stock price in comparison to Rogers or BCE.

  • MuRaNo

    @ Jon 5 letters A P P L E

  • skullan

    Wow, truly craptacular plans.

  • Sean Collier

    Telus is really good at being irrelevant. I was hopeful that the Koodo experiment would show them that changes are a good thing. They have the customer base that would enable them to make a real difference in the industry.

    Lower your prices and more people will sign up for service!

    • Adam

      Telus always has been and always will be third to Rogers and Bell.

      Telus doesn’t even have their own network, they piggyback off of Bells network.

    • Justin Credible

      Adam, where do you live? Here in BC, Bell piggybacks off the TELUS network in 90% of the coverage areas.

  • Jim R

    The plans include voice mail, but not CID? Seriously?

  • Rookie

    250 daytime mins.. thats only 5 min/day between 6 am to 6 pm . Let me jump the ship only because i want iphone…

  • EmperumanV

    1) WTF!
    2) I thought Koodo was all about having no “contracts”
    3) Its still expensive for their so called “contract” for 3 years.
    4) Their plans are ridiculously expensive.
    5) That is all

  • strikerx

    Telus always has been and always will be third to Rogers and Bell.
    Telus doesn’t even have their own network, they piggyback off of Bells network.
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    Posted by Adam |

    @ adam… telus wsa it own company before and the bell bought it, so the network now belongs to bell

  • A Whale

    Great, now Koodo is becoming more Telus (its sister company) than Koodo. I thought and like Emperuman said, I thought Koodo wasn’t about the contracts.

    • Adam

      Koodo also isn’t about $650 devices. Nobody is forcing you to go on contract, if you want it because you can’t afford to pay $500 for the phone, that option is there.

  • slapnuts2k5

    you guys are retarded.. if koodo doesnt have the phone they are g*y.. now they get it and they are g*y… iphone 4 is still very current…and apple still dictates pricing..

  • sdfklgja

    i’m actually glad koodo’s introducing contracts. these days, everyones going for a smartphone and nobody’s going to pay $500 for one.

    i wish they allowed contracts for nexus s with no seperate plan.

    • Jerry

      Apple doesn’t release their unlocked iPhone sales vs carrier locked, but a lot of people I have seen on the Redflagdeals forum have purchase unlocked.

      As did I. If you are in a 1 year upgrade cycle, unlocked and sell privately is the way to go. Check out kijiji or ebay and see the prices.

      People will, can, and do. The plans suck as there is subsidy built into them. Buy it unlocked, and get your own plan, which is the cheapest going. At least you can use tab credits to do it.

  • David

    These plans are surprisingly worse than what is offered by Telus, Bell and Rogers.

  • RealDeal

    “250 daytime minutes, Unlimited evenings and weekends, Unlimited Messaging, 500MB data, Voice mail” This should be a $50 plan at most and should include CID. 500mb of data on an iPhone4, good luck.

  • N.

    Not a bad step for Koodo. Although the plans are still garbage. You could just do the $45 unlimited talk, text, and Caller ID with their flexible mobile data option and pay the same as their $80 plan (assuming you used 1GB of data) and essentially swap for Caller ID instead of voicemail. Everyone complains about prices but remember over a year ago (before the new companies entered the market) 500 anytime minutes would cost approx. $60 not including caller ID, voicemail, data or the garbage “extra fees” that ROBELUS loved to include.

  • Kelly

    I wonder if it still carrier locked when not on contract…and I agree the data cost/amount is abhorrent.


    Bullshit plan. Bullshit brand. Virgin has better plans than this! I got the 45$ unlimited no zone plan plus 6gb of data, caller ID and unlimited talk and text for $75 for my IPhone. cheaper than their $80 and way more stuff included.

    I know Virgin is not per second billing, but I don’t care, I’m unlimited!!

  • Dino

    And a resounding meh was heard from everyone who actually knows anything about phones.

  • Anon

    That’s some rapist plans..

  • Jack

    $80 for a plan that doesn’t have unlimited talk, let alone caller ID?!?!?!?!? The iPhone, especially with 4 being out for almost a year, is not worth that plan price premium. What happened to being a discount brand.

    Consumers might as well go to Fido $35 Unlimited Talk/Text + 1GB of data for $30 brings you down to only $65 for a better value. Funny Fido customer can still add caller ID and still be cheaper…. Koodo must be into the iPhone hype.

  • eguia

    iPhone5 is going to Wind and Mobilicity in September!!!!

  • Mike

    Koodo brings out the device everyone wanted this past year. Fine. It will still sell well on Koodo in the year to come if they lower their plans to actually be competitive. Currently these are the worst plans available for iphones if you take the contract. (Check the websites if you disagree) But customers who can afford to take the tab can sign up for any plan they want.

    Koodo just figure your s**t out as far as data is concerned and you could easily be the best service available.

  • Daniel AJ

    Does the iPhone now do copy&paste?

  • dude

    everyone wanted an iphone and that is what koodo gave its customers. i can’t believe that people expect to get the most expensive phone on the market for free. koodo listened to customers feedback and listened. dont be cheap, put it on the TAB and you get an awesome deal!

  • Eric

    that would take you 76 months to pay off with 10% from $65/month

    almost 6 and half years…

    thats crazy….

    • aSFjasd

      if you didnt know already, tab is $150.

  • Kaito

    It’s actually not that bad.. I just double check form koodo’s website and there’s 2 options. One option is to put the iphone on the Tab which removed 150 of the price of the phone. another option is by contract

    If u put the Iphone into the tab, they don’t really care what data plan or what plan you are on, If you put yourself in a contract then you have to go to this ridiculous expensive plans. You are not really forced into a contract. Just go on the tab with a regular plan with data saver or just use wifi. If you want the iphone badly on a cheaper price then go in a contract with an expensive crappy plan.

    In the end it’s still your choice whether you want to be stuck in a contract and changed the plan or Go with the TAB and have the same plan..

  • blackberryhomeboy

    dont harp on koodo, apple requires a 3 year contract, all you people will b***h if an AWS iPhone came out and they made wind and mobilicity and all these new companies require a 3 year contract then you will all say the same bull s**t.

  • Therealone

    SHIT FOR PLANS! suk a dick KOODO!

  • Cole Mackenzie

    @Adam you got it backwards, bell uses Telus towers for phone service, and they use bells for TV, get it right.

  • Spiker Rosered

    So Koodo decided to copy and paste plans from Fido? Eh atleast if you don’t take the contract you got one fab deal