Confirmed: Koodo Mobile to release the iPhone 4


  • Adi

    This is sickening. Please Apple release the iPhone 4S/5 already with 1.7Ghz band so that we can actually use it without being raped by the big 3 !!


  • Oshawapilot

    Colour me unimpressed with the plan offerings. Nothing earth shaking there, that’s for sure…

  • chall2k5

    1GB am I reading that right?

  • Milpool

    Wow those plans are terrible. They are supposed to be a budget brand. Even with the Big 3, $55 will get you 200 minutes, 6pm evenings and weekends, unlimited SMS/MMS, 1 GB of data, voicemail (with Telus, at least), call waiting, conference calling, and of course, unlimited airtime and long distance with any 10 numbers across Canada.

  • caplin

    Who would go for this I wonder? Get a similar plan on robellus and you’ll be entitled to retentions after 3 years.
    Also, no callerid… wtf?

  • David

    Koodo is just another wolf, disguised in a sheep’s outfit.

  • woot

    3 years contract? and they were bashing contracts since the begenning…

  • JCEE

    1GB lololololol

  • Rookie

    And I am suppose to pay that much , just becuase i want to use Iphone ? ..

  • Guy

    Maybe they’ll offer it on the tab with any plan

  • crunch204

    LOL. Forget that. Virgin has same deal (as far as tab/3yr) but their fab10 plans beat out koodo/fido any day

  • Jay

    Why the heck would you buy an iPhone from Koodo with the same “boxed” Apple plans everyone else has?

    Not to mention, $500 is pretty much equal to the MAXIMUM Cancelation Fee of the competition. You get to pay that up front? That’s just brutal.

  • Jim R

    Lackluster plans and contracts. It sounds like Koodo may be trying to follow in Fido’s footsteps. Sigh.

  • Big 3

    These plans are same as Fido ones for their iPhone. Not sure why people still love the big 3

    • Jay

      That’s because the plans are pre-built by Apple, and they’re garbage. But at least with Fido you can use their regular plans on your iPhone. Hopefully you can with them too.

    • Adam

      Rogers/Bell/Telus give you much better plans. Those ones listed are pure garbage.

  • Don

    Wow, 1GB of data for $80/month. Telus has no idea what this “competition” thing is.

  • Darknight

    And what about those who already managed to have their iphone4 work with Koodo… Koodo still have reasonable plans combined with their data-flex rates.

  • Jesse

    Wow…..those are retarded plans.

  • strikerx

    well u could just buy an unlocked iphone and grab a normal sim and cut it into a micro sim… then grab a legit plan like unlimited $35+ data saver

    im on wind >>>blackberry bold 9780
    $35>> UNlimited call text and data <<<i knwo u wants

  • asdlgjkas

    i’d go for a 3yr contract on the nexus s. 🙂
    if i buy for 275 on tab, i’d prob use for atleast 3 yr anyway

  • Framer

    3 year plan same as leasing a laptop for three years. Oh yah, got to buy the gas from same person you lease from. Discount for owned hardware only way to go. Swith plans every month.

  • Therealone


  • TheDeysion

    3-year Contract Equivealent? Koodo Is Falling!!

  • FuRrY321

    This can’t be right. I call BS. Who says that screenshot is real, anyway? Looks like any random picture taken off of a CRT monitor on Notepad/Wordpad.
    And if this story, and those “plans” are real…
    well, I wasn’t planning on buying an iPhone, anyway.