TELUS to drop data roaming rates by 50%

Earlier this week the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released a report showing that Canadians pay the most in the world for data roaming rates. For 1MB of usage we dish out $24.61 (U.S.), about twice as the OECD average of $13.52 (U.S.). Kinda upsetting… but good news has come out of this from TELUS. They are “within days” of dropping their roaming rates. Brent Johnston, TELUS VP of Mobility Marketing, says he “absolutely agrees” with the OECD report but puts the high cost blame on Rogers monopoly of international roaming deals. Johnson stated that a cut of “more than 50 per cent on data” will be coming soon, and this “still allows us to be profitable”. They must be making crazy money of roaming.

Source: Globe