Nokia C7-00 released by Videotron


  • XER

    A dead OS…

  • Claudiu

    Yeah but it is still a very good phone and has Pentaband 3G, it will work with any carrier in Canada.

    • Daniel AJ

      Does it really have the Pentaband? T-Mobile US sell this phone with four frequencies only. So there are different versions around!

  • kad


    that’s what I wanted

    no tracking by a big corporation 🙂

    offline GPS around the globe (free!!)

    a decent camera

    gorilla glass

    I try to avoid surfing on 3.5 inch screens 🙂 so the modernity of the OS doesn’t bother me!

    openess (usb on the go !)
    FM radio ! in and out (transmitter)

    I was hoping for N8 but this will do !

    • lolz

      +1 @ kad

      At least with Nokia, you will not be labeled as Android fanboy or Apple fanboy.

      It is indeed a decent device with everything you said and more.

  • MobileMan

    Buy any android handset from videotron and we will throw in a Nokia C7 for free! That should be their selling point 🙂

  • Downhill Dude

    Nokia is dying, and pretty rapidly. Don’t think this is going to help them too much. Not a “Gotta have it!” device.