Review: Rogers LG Optimus Pad


  • mda

    Love to get it.

    • Marie

      As per LG the said tablet comes with Wifi and 3G/HSPA. Did any one tested if the 3G connectivity works?

      When I tested the said LG Optimus Pad, only the Wifi works as the 3G did not show at all on the screen. Then I asked someone again, to test it with the same model and same findings.

      Meaning.. you really don’t need a phone carrier (Rogers) as the SIM does not work at all?

  • pr0cs

    great review. I would have a difficult time signing up for ANY device on a 3 year plan, the technology is changing so fast that 3 years is akin to an eternity.
    By this time next year we’ll have quad core devices with better screens a new OS (which the optimus pad may or may not get), etc.
    I have a Tegra 2 tablet now but one that I got for cheap and only because I knew that there was a large hacking community willing to fill in the gap that the manufacturers will likely have since they’re all pushing out new devices faster than people can buy them.
    It will be interesting if Google will truly enforce manufacturers in supporting their devices for a year like they say will.

  • Marlow

    About the keyboard i think you would have had a better experience using thumb keyboard. They have presets for screen size and cater for tablets.

    Very nice review though!

  • Sean

    I think soon you guys should do a tablet showdown once the new galaxy tabs are released as much as I love my transformer it is always cool to see where it stands

  • Tom

    Has LG said what their policy is regarding Android updates for this device? Will the 18-month rule apply? If not, can this device be rooted?

    These questions might not seem important today, but they will in 18 months.

  • Zoey

    Very well written review! I was confused about the benefits of this tablet, and think that you did a great job of clearly outlining the pros and cons.

    I think the price is definitely a big con, but I love the idea of having a tablet I can fit into my purse…

  • brando

    thanks for the review was wondering about this device and that is a very high price on a device that will be outdated by july when the quad core tablets are released to the community and by winter it might have the 3.1 update givin rogers track recorded to update their OS

  • Mike

    I don’t know why people are saying this is a great review. You are telling people that a beta OS on a tablet that stutters but is 3G is worth 699.

    Are you for real?

  • Lawrence Binns

    about to get one of these tablets
    wanted to know about the volume, since it does have three speakers I would expect it to be loud!

    i am asking because some reviews say it has great volume and some say it is a bit quiet, is it all subjective?

    can someone make a comment abaout this?



    • Dave

      Not really that loud, but loud enough to watch video on a quiet evening outside on the back patio.
      I got one of these last month @ Costco. $255 on a three year term (rogers) with $75 back in Costco Cash – Net $175.00
      $20 per month for the three years.
      A Deal I would say.

  • TOM

    I just got mine at wireless wave today for $155.00 on 3 years term

  • Dave Bishop

    Anyone know if this tablet will be updated?

  • Mike

    I’m starting to lose hope that Rogers will ever update the device. Contact Rogers and they say to contact LG Canada, contact LG and they tell you to contact Rogers… Such a shame, the hardware is fantastic but it’s let down by the 3.0 which feels like a pre-release beta. Serves me right for not waiting for the Samsung.

    • lawrence binns

      Hey Mike
      Will we never get a 3.1 update?
      HTC is releasing a new tablet with 3.2!!!!!

      Japan has the 3.1 update for this tablet already, why can’t we get 3.1?

  • lawrence binns

    Regarding the volume, the tablet is WAY too quiet, even with 3 speakers

    But the best way to make it perfect is by downloading an app called Volume +

    It makes it super loud, fully controlable as well

    Without it , you can’t even hear You Tube videos properly, inaudible in some cases

    Re: the 3.1 update, Japan has it , will we ever get it?

    The New HTC tablet has just been released with Android 3.2 WTF?

    Why are we LG users being left in the dust?

  • Dave Bishop

    Hello David Bishop.

    Unfortunately there is no planned update for the V905R.

    Dave H.
    LG Customer Service
    LG Canada

    • lawrence

      hi dave
      is the reason that my tablet won’t connect to my HDTV because of the usb port not working properly?
      I plug it in via the HDMI cable supplied and it doesn’t recognize it at all
      I need to know, as i bought this tablet so i could connect it to a tv
      If it is because of the 3.1 update being the one thing that will make the USB port work properly, I want my money back!
      Please let me know……….

  • lawrence binns

    Then it is time with everyone with an LG Optimus pad to sell them
    What a bunch of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • lawrence binns

    completely outrageous, why would Dave H. from LG actually say this?
    How can LG Canada be the only place not supplying an update?

  • lawrence

    So Dave Bishop, is there an update coming now?

  • lawrence binns

    is the reason that the hdmi hookup to my HDTV not recognizing it because of the usb port not being properly active , needing the 3.1 update
    Please let me know, if so, I will ask LG for a refund and go buy a tablet that will link up to my tv, the reason i bought it in the first place to be able to stream movies from tablet to tv in the hotel when i travel with my kids

    • PAx

      No it is not the issue, its sounds like you cord, or your tv probable needs an update. I am running 3.0.1 and I can use the HDMI flawlessly on my samsung 3D TV. Everything I do on my tablet shows up on the TV. Email them for a new cable, and while you are at it check the model of tv you have online and see if there are any updates available. This usually fixes the problem. Also if you devices has ever been dropped it can loosen the connectors to the HDMI port making the glitch.

  • lc

    Is there a mouse selection for these pads for people with stubby fingers???

  • chaly

    LG f**k, can’t update my LG 900 to HC 3.1 or 3.2