White iPhone 4 shipment arrives at Virgin Mobile Canada


  • Jesse

    Android FTW!

  • dhar

    What’s it do differently from the black iPhone 4 aside from looking a little uglier?

    • Mike

      It’ll help you get laid.

  • Andruid

    White Crap. iOs my a*s

  • David Evans

    Well look who decided to show up? Fashionably late my a*s.

  • Dexter

    If you are dumb enough to buy an iPhone 4 at this point in time I hope you quickly take that phone and beat yourself over the head. The fact they even shipped these out is such a diss to their customers. Anyone who knows Apple is aware they have a pretty regular product release schedule and the new iPhone has to be just around the corner. At the very least, wait until then for a price drop on the iPhone 4.

    • Pozi240

      While I do agree with you about being a bad financial move to buy another iPhone 4 bases solely on color at this point in time, the iPhone 5 has been delayed until late September at the earliest now. I think this is Apple’s way of making people “forget” that they are getting duped once again.

  • Isaiah

    what about the people that never upgraded to the iphone 4: this white version release brings everyone jealousy out

  • steve

    I don’t know about you but I’m going to camp outside all night playing with fart apps on my pink iPad hoping to be first to buy this game changer and shoot an unboxing video to post on YouTube.

  • Munir

    white iPhone, so what? seems there’s not much happening to be picked by m-syrup…

  • Dr J

    OMG it is the most beautiful magical white I have ever seen.

    Why are the iSheeple all wet over this again?

  • andy c

    innovative way to clear out inventory without lowering your prices, paint the black parts white, re-box then sell.

    if any other manufacturer tried this they would get killed in the media. right now only phone geeks/blogs are killing them.

  • Dsimp

    Hey I’ll buy a blue iPhone 4 lol

  • cooltool

    We got ours at bell today too.

    • Munir

      u did such a great thing… the world is proud of u… lol…

  • kasdjflaskdjf

    virgin mobiles for girls.

  • Lmasters

    I have seen white knock offs but until today not an actual white iPhone 4.