Android robots takeover Rogers website


  • Jon Campbell

    Too little too late.
    They now care about the $ android can bring them but never cared about helping better the android experience before it was the most popular mobile os.

  • JSmith

    So Robbers..I mean Rogers, my bad, is basically saying they only care about Android platform, the money it will bring them, it gets higher marketing then other platforms and anything else they carry is shoved in the closet to collect dust? F**k Rogers!

  • Davesperado

    The rogers website is too useless to bother with.

    • agasdg

      koodo’s website is worse…..

  • Colin

    I’m starting to think that Android is as popular as it is, not because of the OS it self or the hardware and handset selection, but it’s because it’s got a Mascot compaired to everyone else that doesn’t.

    • Tom

      The mascot isn’t bad, but Google’s marketing generally sucks compared to Apple’s. Actually, it is kinda’ ironic (given that Google makes its money from advertising) but Google barely does any marketing or advertising compared to its competitors.

      So, I don’t think the the success of Android has anything to do with having the best marketing.

  • Ubayd

    better not let rob ford see that graffiti, he’ll take down the whole site. 😛

  • Rory

    Grats on the craptacular Sony phones, hardly anything to get excited over. Telus had the best Android selection in Canada for a long time, now Bell has good sets. Rogers only has Nexus S that everyone else has.

    Hey Rogers, try harder, try sooner.

  • Jimmy Jones

    No Robbers for me!!! After years of use and abuse (3 year contracts, SAF, 911 fees, bad customer service, poor android support (after sales support ie. UPDATES and UPGRADES), its good to stick it to the man! Wind/Mobilicity/Public here I come!

  • George

    It’s kind of funny to see most of replies here are saying bad tings about android on rogers. I understand that people had bad experience with them, and they didn’t have good selection of android handset before.

    That certainly does not mean they cannot improve, if anything this whole thing is just a hint that says the company is going to take android a little more seriously. Which at the end is good thing, isn’t it?

  • astroboy99

    ha, that was kind of kewl…

  • Sean

    Ok honestly the only good android phone they had ( pre xperia )was their galaxy s variant and that wasn’t the best of the galaxy line.

    Telus they are chalk full of HTC and Motorola and Samsung phones same with bell but Rogers … they just aren’t the home of android in Canada that goes to Telus and somewhat Bell

  • Graham J

    Thanks for the warning, I’ll be sure to continue not visiting their website.

  • Baester

    Only reason they are pushing Android so hard is because Android devices carry a lower subsidy than BB and Iphones. They want to lower their acquisition costs by shifting loads to Android. It has nothing to do with Android itself.

    • KV

      Yet android can do much more than iOS and BB’s OS

      So are you saying that iphones and BB are overpriced?

    • Baester

      KV – what are you talking about? It has nothing to do with which OS is better. It has everything to do with the COA costs on the hardware. Android is used by various hardware manufacturers and their devices are usually lower priced, on average, than a BB or iPhone. This means when a customer purchases an Android phone on a 3-year term, Rogers pays a lower acquisition cost than if a customer purchases an iPhone or BB on a 3-year term. Further, Rogers has overloaded its customers on BB and iPhones, so they want to shift some balance to Android because the subsidy they pay is lower but it’s still a smartphone with voice and data.

  • Sam

    Too bad!! None of these device is really a high end android. Arc and play has 2.3 but with a big UI over it that changes everything good in android!

  • mjschmidt

    @Sam, actually, I was at the recent Android panel at Rogers HQ with a few other bloggers and three SE reps came to talk to us and show us the two new devices (Arc and Play).

    They told us flat out “We heard you” (meaning EVERYONE who griped about the UI). The SE UXP UI that was on the X10 is no more. It is being incorporated in a much different way now using widgets for time scape, etc, that can be used, or not.

    The Arc is a very sweet phone. Fast, responsive, and well put together. No front camera, however. Not my personal taste (I’m going to get a Nexus S), but they have listened to the complaints about their UI and changed it.

    The Play devices we were shown we pre-production, so a bit buggy, but very cool non-the-less. If I still had time for gaming as much as I used to, I’d likely spring for one. The gaming controls are rather awesome, and easy to use.

    • Tom

      That’s great to hear (about their UI becoming modular and optional). Between that, the new firmware for X10, and their move to officially support rooting of their phones, SE has totally turned it around.

      Before I thought they were pretty much the worst of the Android manufacturers but they have pretty much turned that on its head. Now we’ll have to see some reviews of their new phones.

  • Stuntman

    The site is cute, but no Nexus S yet.

  • wtv

    Their Android selection sucks. There’s still that horrible Galaxy Spica in most of their stores….