Update: Nexus S and Samsung Linx now available online at Fido (and Rogers)


  • Fury

    Not a high end phone, but it’ll be a welcome addition.

  • teee

    nexus s is available too

  • bobo jones

    The nexus s will go down in price very fast because all most every carrier has it , the better for us.Thank You Samsung.

  • Jim R

    I don’t see an option for the outright purchase of the Nexus S on the Fido website – just the $100 3 year contract price. Am I missing it?

    • teee

      On the website it says “you save $400 in comparison to the price without fido agreement”. So it’s $500 without a contract.

    • Jim R

      Fair enough – but the option to purchase outright is not given on the web site AFAICT. I’ll put it down do the Big 3’s addiction to 3 year contracts.

  • jason

    Is anyone selling the Nexus S outright? I tried to buy one outright at Bestbuy today and it was a no go. The sales guy was a bit of a dick about it to.

    • Peter Norman

      I bought a “no-term” Nexus S at Futureshop this afternoon. Before doing so, the VERY helpful and well-informed staffer let me insert my Rogers iPhone3G sim card into two Nexus S models from their Telus and Koodo supplies and thereby proved that Nexus S models being sold are not locked to any specific carrier – my Rogers sim worked perfectly in the Telus and Koodo models.

      My Nexus S includes a carrier booklet and sim. Its possible that Futureshop placed the various carrier booklets and sims into the Nexus S boxes for the convenience of the sales staff; there are no marking on the Nexus S box which connect it to any specific carrier and they aren’t shrink-wrapped.

      All of this supports the simple fact: the Nexus S models being sold in Canada are NOT locked to a specific carrier. If you purchase a “no-plan” Nexus S from ANY carrier, you can insert a sim from ANY carrier.


  • jay

    Fido is s**t….they ar lieing….i called fido to buy nexus s….outright they said $499 + tax, when i asked locked or unlocked they said it will be locked to fido… Even if u pay outright price….even on 3 year it will be locked….when i asked why it is locked with fido even if i pay the outright price…they said they hve special serial # for their nexus s….if u need to unlocked from fido u need to pay another 50$ extra to get unlock….

    • Justin Credible

      Jay, perhaps you should calm down. There is no such thing as a locked Nexus phone, period. No Nexus One’s are locked, and no Nexus S’s are locked. Google never allows it on their flagship phones.


  • Bilzebub

    Justin I do hope you are right. I bought mine from Best Buy in the US (TMobile) and it is indeed unlocked (though I now wish I’d waited, as I am stuck with Edge speed data) but I just bought my wife one from koodo last night, and both reps there insisted it was locked to Koodo. Here’s hoping they are wrong 🙂

  • jp talbot

    I just talked to several different reps at future shop, and they all said the rogers were locked to their network. What gives???

    • cybik

      I tried a Bell SIM in a Telus NS. Worked out of the box.

  • Matthew

    is the phone branded from fido? any markings or dumb pre-installed apps?

  • Justin Credible

    Wow, where did all you newness come from??? NO NEXUS IS EVER LOCKED.

    That’s why Nexus phones are always the best. No carrier is ever allowed to customize them or lock them, ever.

    I can’t believe anyone pays a second thought to what some commision hungry retail reps claim LOL.

  • Justin Credible


  • jason

    sucks that I can’t throw fido dollars at them for this thing. But what else is new

  • Kaki

    i am dissappointed with my samsung linx…i wanted to replace my LG with it, what a bad decision!