Update: Mobilicity launching Nexus S on April 7th for $499.99


  • Sean

    This screenshot looks pretty unofficial… I like the price though. Hopefully Wind will beat this by at least $25…

    • TomatoGuy

      Thanks to Mobilicity and WIND, Big3 actually have to compete on off-contact price of Nexus S. Robellus were not releasing their pricing waiting for new entrants to announce theirs to avoid setting price too high and loosing good chunk of sales. Too bad we won’t see many such simultaneous launches on all carriers in the future. Nexus S is one of first and few iconic and widely released smartphones in Canada to date.

  • mongoose

    I just hope it doesn’t need a new activation to purchase the phone, atleast for existing customers. Else, you can add $25 at the minimum rate plan to the retail price.

  • Samz

    $500 is good price from Mobilicity. I’m expecting Wind to come in at the same or slightly lower price. Now if only some Galaxy S2 release dates would come out.

  • Dan J

    Insert obligatory “Why would you get this when the GS2 is coming in a couple of months?” statement.

  • Zirian

    Interesting. I shall probably check them out on that day and get one.

    • B

      Because I held off buying something else to wait for this.

      Eventually I’ll need to get an actual phone instead of the one that’s two months down the road. 🙂

  • Bri

    get Nexus S now? or wait for Galaxy S2??
    It’s a hard decision to make… but this isn’t a 4G version right?

    • zorxd

      who cares if they call it 3G or 4G?

      It’s a 7.2 Mbps phone, if that’s what you want to know. The SGS2 will be a 21 Mbps phone, using the same technology (and so same number of “G”)

  • gsm

    what happens to Nexus One at Mobilicity?
    hope they drop in price by $100 or so

  • umoron

    The Nexus One is sold out…so it will probably disappear from their inventory

  • shark

    just called fs for nexus s info for fido and rogers, the girl is like its ganna be late maybe 15th and i told her it was updated on their forum that release date is april 8th, she is like she is not sure.. lol

    • DumbScreenName

      I went into FS this evening and was told that they had received an internal e-mail saying that the Nexus S would only be available on the 18th. This is the same guy that told be the 7th when I initially pre-ordered.

      This is getting really confusing…

  • jak

    good news indeed. 499.99 seems like a reasonable price but i hope (but i doubt) that the big three could beat this price.

  • Landon

    All I’ve got to say is that it better be out by the 14th at either WIND or Mobilicity or I’m going to be extremely displeased.

    The 7th is a good sign, and so is the price, but I’m not going to count my chickens…

  • A. Carmine

    Am I the only one not hyped for the Nexus S…?

    The only plus to this and the reason (I’m assuming) why other Android 2.3 phones don’t matter is because the updates will be consistent across the the Nexus S phones regardless of carrier.

    • T

      Well, think about it.

      Unlike every other phone that’s on the market today, excluding of course the Nexus One, the Nexus S will undoubtedly be supported years from now. When you buy a Nexus phone, you know you won’t be left behind by your carrier or manufacturer, as Google will keep the updates rolling. I’m likely going to buy the Nexus S, and it’s because of this reason.

      I don’t buy a new phone every 6 months like many phone enthusiasts that frequent these parts do. I’m likely gonna have this phone for the next 2-3 years, and knowing that I’ll have timely updates that entire time is something you can’t really put a price on.

      Add that to the fact that it’s an already great phone, and you’ve got yourself a winner. Maybe not for the hardcore phone enthusiast, but for the average guy like me, you can’t beat the Nexus S.

  • Big 3

    I don’t think 1 version of this phone is compatible with all 6 frequencies(GSM:850/1900, HSPA+:850/1900, 1700/2100). I’m guessing if you buy it from the New Entrants, it won’t be compatible with Bell and Telus(and vice versa) since they don’t have the GSM network. So far, only the Nokia N8, E7 can do that.

    • zorxd

      Exactly. There will be two versions of the Nexus S.

      1st is 900/1700/2100
      2nd is 850/1900/2100

  • Zirian

    @Big 3 I currently have the T-Mobile version of the Nexus S and I tested it with a Bell sim card. It works, however only on 2G/GSM. So pretty much its mediocre in terms of voice/internet quality.

    • zorxd

      What? Bell has no GSM network. So I call bullshit.

      The T-Mobile Nexus S is UMTS 900/1700/2100, and GSM 850/900/1800/1900. Bell supports none of these bands.

  • Big 3

    Bell and Telus only use CDMA and HSPA+:850/1900. They have no GSM(2G)

  • George

    Will the Videotron one be compatible with Bell/Rogers and will it also be unlocked?

  • A

    Its about time they came out with a price

  • B

    After looking at our live demo model, I can confirm that ROBELLUS models will not be compatible on AWS 1700/2100 as indicated on the back of the box.

  • espink

    Awesome, a price finally. I wonder how much Mobi will sell the Nexus One’s for now.

  • Cyrano

    so… if i bought a wind/mobi version.
    can i use it… like.. in hong kong, australia, us, etc?

    • Michel

      Yes! you will be able to use it in other countries for sure using Quad Band GSM but it may not work on 3G network beacuse of the AWS Frequency.

  • brian

    I hear it doesn’t even have HD video. Go figure.

  • dan

    Still no WP7 devices from the new entrants 🙁

    Hopefully the next big AWS compatible WP7 device will make its way to Canada in the next few months.

  • dan

    We need a WP7 device from Wind or Mobilicity!

  • Emzine

    @espink They don’t sell the Nexus One anymore.


    No memory card expansion = FAIL!

    • James

      While it does seem odd that an SDHC slot was not included on this phone, I really don’t think it’s such a big deal. 16GB is a LOT of storage space. With all of the new Cloud services offered by Google and other companies, I don’t think users will feel too limited. It’s nice to have lots of room for movies and music, but there is a limit as to how much you really need to carry on your cell phone. Sure, I love the idea of keeping a few episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on my phone for those moments where you’re sitting around waiting for something and have nothing better to do, but I’m not too interested in watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy on my phone.

      I’ve got 8GB on my iPhone (6.77 usable) and I find it a tad bit limited, but 16GB is A LOT more, and if I were to load that space with 1/4 my music library, I would probably get fed up with scrolling through playlists and albums trying to figure out what to listen to.

      Everyone likes the idea of expandability, but any more than 16GB is just too much. We live in a more is better culture and I feel people get carried away with specs like # of cores, MB of RAM, Storage space, Megapixels, etc. and forget to consider “Is this product a quality product?”

      The Nexus S is a quality product. It runs well, it’s well designed, it’s got lots of features, and the people at Google/Samsung didn’t get carried away and forget that they were designing a MOBILE PHONE when putting it all together.

  • Michael

    Lmfao! I want to go to a mobilicity store and beg for on now. :p

  • JPC

    been using one from T-mobile across the border and it’s amazing on mobilicity in Vancouver. reception is still poor indoors at times, but will always be with 1700MHz. The data is slick

  • B

    Garry’s not the only one. 🙂

  • Zirian

    I went into one Mobilicity store and asked but they told me they can’t sell it until tomorrow. Oh well picking three up tomorrow for my brother, girlfriend and myself.

    WiFi Hotspot here I come

  • dav1dz

    Why is a non-carrier store such as Future Shop or Best Buy carrying Nexus S based on carriers? It’s a factory unlocked phone as per Google’s Nexus initiative.

    They should just carry the non-carrier Nexus S, separate SKUs for the UMTS 850/1900/2100 and AWS 900/1700/2100. Talk about logistics mess!

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