Motorola XOOM with Wi-Fi officially lands in Canada


  • RealDeal

    Price fail.

    • zorxd

      That’s what is good with Android: choice.
      You can get tablets for as low as $300 (Tegra2, 1024×600, 10.”, HDMI, 16GB). For those willing to spend more, there is the Xoom, which is less expensive that the 32GB iPad and has more features.

    • Bammer21

      Hmm, I’m down in Phoenix for a bit longer and I see them at Costco for$539 with a gel case thrown in. On the fence at this point.

  • sixteen12

    What’s a fail about it? It’s $20 cheaper tlus has more than the equivalent iPad. plus it has more RAM and a bigger screen.

    • sixteen12

      What’s a fail about it? It’s $20 cheaper than the equivalent iPad plus it has more RAM and a bigger screen.

    • Dan

      The difference is that the Xoom is NOT the ipad… it’s the new kid on the block, so pricing should have been way lower on this tablet. Considering how sales for the Xoom have tanked, it proves my point.

  • Pitrick

    I Pre-ordered mine at futureshop and on my order tab it says that its out-of-stock…so pre-orders haven’t shipped yet..anyways mine hasn’t…

  • Georgejia

    Actually, you can check the store stock on It’s showing “in stock” at various Ontario stores.

  • Len

    Pre-ordered mine 2 weeks ago, hoping I come home to it. As it’s sold out, quite a few disagree with your fail opinion realdeal. While I appreciate your right to choose the best for you, pointless comments about devices you do not like don’t help anyone… or at least take it to the apple sites so we don’t need to see it.

  • Zirian

    I might go pick one up from the Best Buy store in the Eaton Center. I didn’t pre order one. Lets see how this one pans out and if its worth the money, in the sense that its been getting mixed reviews.

  • sixteen12

    I got mine from the states last week and its great. Just youtube how to stream media from your pc to your xoom and how to play nintendo 64 on your xoom with a wii remote.

    Yes you can do this with a jailbroken ipad as well, but the xoom can do all of this stock.

  • sookster54

    Save your dough and wait for the Asus for $200 less, there’s been lots of reviews that the Xoom is basically an unfinished released with a rushed Honeycomb, poor early adopters.

    • jbarns

      that’s what updates are for.. chances are the transformer will come unfinished as well. And since Asus has their own apps/software on top the update for the Asus may be delayed.

      Regardless I’ll still get the Asus when it comes out.. then root it:)

  • Ross

    I got mine from the states last week as well, and haven’t put it down since.

    The xoom is awesome. I’ve got it doing just about everything I want (more than ipad could do), and what it won’t do now, it will do soon.

    I don’t get these fail comments, and price concerns. It’s a top of the line product priced comparably to ipad. Sure you can get cheaper, but not with the same specs.

  • Me Ted


    It’s actually sold out at

  • Eric

    Just picked on up at Best Buy (Dundas and Bay).
    Can’t play with it until lunch break.

  • Zirian

    @Eric You are lucky. I was going to pick up one this afternoon from there but they’re sold out 🙁

  • dave

    Typing this from my new xoom, got it at best buy in ottawa on merivale this morning. They had 10 in stock.

  • Zirian

    Just picked up my Motorola Xoom from the Bay and Dundas location. They do have it in stock 😛

  • Accophox

    Anybody know anything about availability in Edmonton? I know BestBuy says all their edmonton stores are without them, how bout Future Shop? I pre-ordered one, but, can’t get a hold of anybody at the store to confirm whether they’ve actually got one in or not.

  • freebie

    Just called BestBuy has not received any in the stores in Edmonton yet. Future shop said they dont have any either. So much for release day.

    • Accophox

      Any word on when they might receive stock?

  • GetDev

    Just got a call from the future shop where I preordered mine, they say it should be there soon and that theyll call back… Can’t wait to get my hands on this! Got so many apps in developpement to be tested on this baby!

    • Pitrick

      Do you live in Quebec? I pre-ordered mine online on march 22nd and haven’t received a call yet…

  • Zirian

    On a side note, I checked out the Asus EEE slate, the 12.1inch Windows 7 Tablet, its pretty light but pricey (I can see why in terms of the specs), however the Best Buy rep said its a battery hog, meaning because of the high end specs – 4GB RAM, Intel Core i5 1.5Ghz, the max you’ll get is 3.5 hours doing a lot of stuff or even less.

    The cool thing it comes with a solid state drive.

  • tyler

    has anyone found somewhere in calgary that they are available…the only place i could find is a best buy mobile location in chinook and they sold out…no one else seems to be able to tell me when and if they are getting them

    • sookster54

      Did you get ahold of the Futureshop in Shawnessy?

  • Jim

    Which on has a higher res screen the zoom or the ipad2?

    • Nascar Dog

      The Xoom has higher resolution (1280 x 800) than iPad 2 (1024 x 768) but the Xoom also has a slower graphics card so in the end the iPad 2 is much better at graphics.

  • Henry

    They just got a shipment in at the Sunridge Mall Best Buy in Calgary. So if anyone in Calgary wants one, go there tomorrow morning since they opened the first one up for me to play with and I thought it was pretty good, but I couldn’t justify spending $600.00. I’m going to wait for the Playbook, Flyer and Transformer before I make a decision.

  • Nascar Dog

    I picked one up at Best Buy – Northlands in Calgary yesterday and I must say I am NOT impressed. After using an iPad 2, going to the Xoom is a major disappointment.

    – The screen is very, very reflective! I have never seen a device reflect this bad. It’s almost like a mirror finish.
    – The viewing angles are poor.
    – The colors have no punch and everything appears washed out. Especially if you are not looking directly at it.
    – When it is powered off, you can actually see the touch screen grid wires under the glass!
    – When zooming in on text it takes a second for it to focus. This is very obvious when browsing the web and scrolling down pages.
    – The connector for the power supply is very small. I can see this breaking off quite easily.
    – You can’t create folders for apps.
    – Tried the three Angry Bird games (Free on the Market) and they were jerky when scrolling left and right. Also the images were no where near a crisp and rich as on the iPad or PC/Mac.

    – Nice interface, more geared to techno geeks.
    – I like the wider screen format.

    Too Bad…
    I really wanted to like the Xoom. If they would have used a higher quality IPS display and it had the silky smooth operation like an iPad 2 I would probably purchase it.

    The problem is that they would have had to charge a lot more to make it come close to the quality of an iPad 1 or 2.

    In the end, I will be returning it.

    • Nascar Dog

      Not sure why they censored my comment about the poor graphic performance of the games. I should have used the word choppy or stuttered.

  • siaykol

    the xoom is an ipad and netbook rolled into one. impressive!