Nexus S stock starts rolling into Best Buy


  • chall2k5

    howcome they didnt make it pentaband? sure I can get one that works on Wind/mobi/videotron, but they should have made it universal

    • Gmac

      I really wish they did also. Maybe with the next version?

    • ParkaPal

      Because the carrier oligopoly is too big and makes even Samsung/Google bend over and take it if they want any advertising/promos for their phones. S’why Nokia gets killed here.

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      chall it is too expensive and you would have to rework the whole handset to do that. It is not as simple as just switching an IC. Besides AWS is all but done.

  • D

    Seems odd that they have stock but there is still no pricing info available from BB/FS or from the carriers…

  • ken

    I hope futureshop launches the same time because I pre ordered there rather than bestbuy

  • Wippy

    I pre ordered from bestbuy and the guy there double checked and told me to come in April 7th to pickup the phone.

    • D

      Yeah, April 7th is what I was told by Future Shop too.

    • Danial

      Yes, April 7 is also what I saw on the salesperson’s computer for the “Rogers/Fido” version. The Telus version comes out a week later, but according to what I glanced at on his computer, it won’t be there on the actual launch day.

  • Evan

    April 7th, April 14th, April 15th! Why such secrecy this close?? Why the dramatic entrance? It’s not like we don’t know the specs. Sorry, had to get that out, I’m just really excited to pickup my phone.

  • p

    Well, I imagine this would mean that April 7th is the correct date. Now we just need them to tell us the price of the damn thing.

    I still can’t get over the fact that they are getting people to fork over a non-refundable $50 fee for a pre-order without telling you the final price.

  • jak

    damn i’m getting excited

  • deadlock

    quick question I wonder is it the samoled or the slcd version some other countries are getting

  • Mike

    Can anyone explain to me which carriers this will work with? I’d like to order it to replace my HTC Dream, which I have on contract with Rogers. Can I just swap the sim card from the Dream into the Nexus S and it will work?

    • andy c

      yes it should work with an existing rogers sim.

    • Mark

      as long as the phone is carrier locked to Rogers or is unlocked…

  • shrimp

    thats messed they telling everyone diff days cuz i just got told the 8th from fs

  • Kevin

    Pre-orders without a confirmed price seems to be the new thing for canadian carriers these days. Another way to screw with us? Who knows.

    • pissed

      They want you to bet $50 on that you going to buy the phone on the launch day, and the only winners is the store.
      * You don’t know the price, $400-$600 makes a difference
      * you don’t know amod or lcd
      * I see some say it’s locked to the carrier and some not, was planning on using it internationally so locked = no go
      * you don’t know if they decided to change something else
      * What if there are more preorders then they get stock?
      If you don`t like what you get you loose $50 so the only winner is the store

  • Brandin

    It’s a good sign that the box doesn’t appear to have any carrier branding on it. I’m also interested in whether this is the s-amoled or s-lcd version.

  • Mike

    Thanks for your advice. Does anyone know if the Future Shop or Best Buy versions will be carrier unlocked? I’d like to buy the phone for use on Rogers now, but I might switch carriers later.

  • Emzine

    I went by the Best Buy Mobile store today at Vaughan Mills. They said a price point between $500 to $600 and that they’ll start selling them on April 15th. Did get to play with a live demo though.

  • shark

    this one is s-lcd… look at gsmarena…they have the new band nexus s on their site, this sucks why cant they get the samoled for us canadians too?? btw price range between 500-600$ is a bit too high imo, 400-500$ sounds reasonable, but i already placed a preoder on fs for fido, the reps in fs in downtown montreal, are clueless! they told me to contact fido to findout if 50$ is refundable or not!

    • FadedSpark

      Wrong, SAMOLED. 100%

    • Downhill Dude

      It is Super AMOLED, and it is unlocked. End of mystery…

  • jak

    just a heads up to all those that are looking to go to the yonge and 16th future shop for the nexus s, watch out. I went in there today to see if the sales reps there knew about the nexus s at all. the sales rep didn’t even know that the nexus s was from samsung and he even said that the $50 deposit was refundable. also he kept telling me that it is only available on a 3 yr term. if you have no choice but to make a purchase from that location, stay alert!

  • shrimp


    • Downhill Dude

      WRONG!!! It is Super AMOLED.

  • Bri

    so this is no 4g??

    • FadedSpark

      Not 4g, how could you possibly use 4g when the only LTE test markets are ottawa and hamilton ON (That I know of thus far. ) and there are NO GSM+LTE phones for bell/telus?

      the 3g is plenty fast aside from HSUPA being disabled…

  • shrimp

    wont know till one of us picks it up..i’ll report the minute i get it..prolly 1 min after future shop opens on release date

  • Keith

    No 4G.

  • capt spaulding

    just played with one at best buy. it is super amoled and the outright price as of today (could change before launch) is 599.99. happy it was amoled not so happy about the price.

    • Jim R

      $600?! Ouch!!! Which carrier was that?

    • FadedSpark

      All of them. Every single one.

  • Jake Hallon

    Does anyone know if BB will allow you to purchase this phone at full price to replace an existing phone on an existing rogers contract (not renewal but in middle of contract)? I tried going to futureshop but they claimed they were only offering it with new contract or contract renewal. I am in the Vancouver area. I tried going to BB on Cambie a few days ago but they hadn’t even heard of the preorder yet. Thanks for any info.

  • capt spaulding

    the way it sounds is there is only one phone and only one price for all the carriers. it is only sold unlocked and without carrier branding. the guy told me it does not matter which carrier you order it for it will be the same phone. only one actual phone is at the store regardless of who you buy it for. looks nice and i am so glad its super amoled. case feels much more solid than my galaxy s. this is what i was told so take it with a grain of salt.

  • FadedSpark

    That’s NOT store stock, it’s a demo.

  • FadedSpark

    It is NOT SLCD

    It’s SAMOLED.

    Whoever said it’s SLCD doesn’t have one in their hand at the moment to argue with me, and are wrong.

  • Mike

    I tried to preorder one at Best Buy in Burlington today. The clerk confirmed that a $50 deposit was required, but couldn’t figure out how to actually place the order. He did say that he thought they would be selling them carrier locked only. Very aggravating experience.

  • Evan

    The one thing I just noticed in the picture is the FCC Authorization code which displays the model number GT-I9020. GT-I9020 is SAMOLED while GT-I9023 is SLCD. So now, the next question is which carriers are getting which models.
    Sure hope Fido is getting the GT-I9020.