Mobilicity creates “industry’s first Data Access Fee/Tax (DAFT)”


  • James

    April Fools, right?

    • TomatoGuy

      If one of the Big3 issued something like that, nobody would even remotely think that it’s not true. 😉

  • iPhoner

    Happy April fool’s day!

  • hunter

    happy april fool’s day, i almost got fooled. haha

  • Nick

    Pretty good April fools, anytime you can poke fun at the big 3 is good.

  • The1bobcat


  • GoWindGo

    I almost got fooled as well and then I realized the date. Very good joke.

  • mjschmidt

    Though it should be obvious that it is an april Fools joke, there _will_ be people who think it’s real, and it could cause some ill-will towards Mobilicity.

    They might have considered it a bit more before doing it. I hope they’ve told all their Customer Service and store reps it’s a joke, so they can handle the calls and emails they will get.

  • chall2k5

    i had to do a double-take

  • Realcity

    Happy April fools

  • Barabulka

    Why are they charging new fees?

  • AKA

    their data is not that good to be paying extra $4

  • Craz

    Hahaha, it’s still better than what the “big 3” are offering…

  • Me Ted

    Ahahahha I love it!

  • Rob

    the tax is $4.01 (April 01) that’s what got me

    • Don

      Didn’t even notice the fee. LOL!!!

  • Dmitri Kondratev

    Pure awesome! Love April Fools!

  • Gmac

    I like that, that was a pretty good one lol. Nice to see that they have a sense if humor.

  • Colin

    The part that gave it away was the name of the tax DAFT. That is a term for stupid in the UK.

  • fking rage

    I would be f*****g raging bitches!

  • Nick

    Haha well played. They ha me confused. (disclaimer: I just woke up and I’m not all here).

  • ken

    Stupid publicity stunt for April Fools. If your going to do an April Fools joke, don’t do as an ad. LAME

  • cheenachatze

    Dave Dobbin rules! He should run for government. (Seriously!)

  • tbr

    I think they are using April fool’s to see how people respond to this kind of billing. I think we have just witnessed the future.

  • Emzine

    Haha too good to be true.

  • bc

    don’t laugh.

    you just gave Rogers an idea.

  • ReachHasFallen

    Lol. Mobilicity would never do that, they’re Mobilicity!

  • Sms

    The real joke is how these companies have people believing they have no intention of maximizing their own profit at the expense of the consumer. Their holier than thou approach of winning customers will ware off eventually.

  • Baester

    In related news, Rogers, as a competitive match, has issued their own DAFT charge at $3.96, saying, “The government doesn’t force us to collect this data charge, but we thought we should follow Mobilicity’s lead and do it too – but ours is cheaper! We’ll invest this into expanding our pockets, rather than our network.”

  • robbelus is a donkey

    nice one

  • A. Carmine

    Dude, I almost s**t bricks in shock!

  • Amandeep

    This is not an April fools joke Mobilicity is really going to implement the access fee. Call and ask for yourself. They are slowly going to become like the Big 3. Right now Mobilicity is only implementing it on there data services watch slowly it will also be implemented on for the whole bill. That’s how they do things around here in Canada. Remember every provider in Canada is a rip off. Everyone is running after money and not giving the people some fairness out there who cannot pay there bills.

  • Cyrano

    at first glance, i thought it’s april fool
    but then, after a deeper thought…
    with the recent news saying… blah blah blah going to buy out nah nah nah, what will happen if the new entrants K.O. each other and become the big 4… hmm