Confirmed: Bell releasing Motorola ATRIX March 17th for $599.95


  • cody

    No thanks Motorola, ill stick with my HTC desire hd 🙂

    Sent from my HTC

  • Oliver

    I’ve been debating between the Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC Desire HD for a few weeks now, looking hard at video capabilities. I didn’t want to buy an iPhone but everything I’ve seen points to their video being the best/most consistent.

    I’ve seen some reviews of the Atrix, and though I am not a fan of Motorola’s “homegrown” apps, this may be the best alternative.

    • rvictorg

      Ummm Galaxy S is junk, wait for the Nexus S if you’re leaning Samsung, it’s much better. Btw how does the dated iPhone even get mentioned here when comparing the Atrix??

  • Hilroy

    $600 is not bad. But the plans suck.

  • jeff

    laptop dock 399$

  • jeff

    multimedia dock 129$

  • jellmoo

    The specs are, of course, amazing, but I’m not sure that I could trust Motorola after some of the choices they’ve made. I would be more likely to go with an HTC or a Google branded handset, even if the specs were lower, based on previous Android track record.

    I still haven’t figured out what the dock is good for at the rumoured price point.

    • Brent

      Ok wow I can’t this… I worked for bell and have the galaxy s and its sick definitely top 3 in the world and kills the Iphone and surely lg and htc lol. With that said the atrix destroys all its the worlds most powerful phone by a long shot and to the ppl that dont trust motorola wow your smart eh you do realize thats just a brand and its the android os that makes this phone suck.

  • Ryan

    Does Bell unlock their phones for you now like Telus does? I mean for a fee?

    • Sub-Joker

      I think they charge around 70 dollars or so to do so. which is a major rip off if you ask me.

  • jmmm

    Not it a hurry to change phone, so i’ll wait for something good from HTC or LG.

    I Would get it if the bootloader was not encrypted

  • Thiefa

    @Ryan: No they don’t offer unlocking at Bell. There are online sites for $20 to unlock, cheaper than at Rogers/Telus.

    I demand the release of Nexus S immediately whether its at Bell or Telus! Grrrrrr. =]

    • Wildspin

      Bell does unlock for 70 or 75 bucks after a month.

  • Lexcyn

    I would be a bit apprehensive at this after what they did with the Milestone.

    But eh, on paper the phone looks boss but I will wait a bit and let the early adopters mess around with it.

  • Wildspin

    If I haven’t heard of Tegra 3 then I’ll buy it … guess now I’ll just wait. 🙂

  • Sub-Joker

    I think the price is a bit high for this phone. I mean yeah sure, it’s the o might phone at the moment, but there are so many controversies swirling around it.
    – Is it gonna get updates?? my nexus received the update to Ginger bread yesterday, and even though the differences on paper seem little, I really feel it got faster and smoother than it already was. would motorola update the phone on a regular basis or would they pull out what they did with the milestone?? Samsung and HTC promised 2.3 updates to their phones (the galaxy S and Desire HD and Z), which is a good sign.

    – does android really need a dual core power? that 1Ghz ram? if the Atrix is gonna be running on one of the core 95% of the time then I think it’s pointless to carry that specs in the phone. 1 Ghz Ram?? sure, but I’ve had my Nexus for almost a year now and I never ran low on RAM memory (usually I use around 200 Mb to 250 Mb). so why would the 1Ghz be a better one if most of it is not gonna be used.

    I really think the phone is a great piece and it’s a great start to revolutionize the phone business like the Nexus One did before. But for this price, and knowing it might remain stuck at the 2.2 (or 2.3) not to mention that muscle might not be for much use, I would wait for some time until the prices go down a bit.

    • Sub-Joker

      I apologize for the many typos….. I wrote it from my phone and didn’t proof read it 😀

    • zorxd

      You don’t need dual core. You don’t need 1GB RAM.
      But you don’t need a 1 GHz processor and 512MB ram either. You can get an Optimus One, runs Android well and is cheap.
      Depends on what you want. If you want the most powerful phone on the planet then the Atrix is for you.

  • KingK

    I’ll be getting it.

    For those crying about bootloader.

    Its already rooted, people will get updates if they really want them that bad.

    Crying that you don’t need dual core or 1g ram…

    yeah you don’t really need the next version of android either,

  • Max

    The specification of smartphon is getting out of control. You can only do SO MUCH on a 4″ screen with the on-screen keyboard. Manufactures just focus on making “HIGH-END”, “FASTER”, “MORE POWERFUL” smartphone every 3 months but forget to provide after-sell service to their existing customers. Even Apple is following the same foot-steps as others: instead of making one “WOW” product every two years or so, now they have new version every year just to make $.

    • Bob

      Saying that “you can only do so much on a 4″ screen, so smart phones don’t need to get more and more powerful,” is completely missing a major design feature and philosophy of this phone. Although (based on reviews) the laptop dock might be a poor attempt, the concept is still exciting and gives reason to make phones more and more powerful. That’s the point, it’s not just about he 4″ screen. With the Atrix you CAN power a lapdock, and you CAN output HD video to you TV.

      By making phones more powerful with ever iteration, every year, in 3 years time you might have a phone that can COMPETENTLY run a useful laptop…

      Will I be buying some of those sweet phones in the meantime, the ones that don’t quite hit the mark, and maybe are cool because of the theory of what they are capable of doing, instead of what they can actually do? – absolutely I will. It’s more fun that way.

  • Bryan

    ATT’s Atrix is 500 USD, why not buy it there imo?

    Thoughts? I may be missing something in my thinking.

    • Stephen

      The extra $100 to get HSUPA is totally worth it.

    • groan

      is that why ATT customers are reporting such terrible transfer speeds?!
      I hope we see the speeds that I am currently seeing on my Desire Z.

    • Corey

      the lack of HSUPA is a limitation on AT&T’s network not a feature missing on the phone. The Bell and AT&T Atrix will be identical.

  • Nick

    I’m excited about it just because it’s the beginning of a new era. I won’t even get one, but after a year of tiny iterative improvements from phone to phone this one is a leap forward. I want to see where it goes.

  • Cody

    Desire HD will be getting 2.3 This Spring. How long until the Atrix upgrades (if ever)?

  • rvictorg

    I like this phone for all the progress and competition it created, but personally there’s no way I’ll get one. LG Optimus 2X and 3D are both much better in terms of software execution and hardware. Not to mention the Samsung Galaxy II is just around the corner which blows the Atrix out of the water.

    For the novelty of having my phone power a glorified keyboard (ie laptop dock) I’ll pass on this and wait for quad cores in 8 months which could actually replace my current laptop.

    • KingK

      Blow away out of the water? lol

      Same specs.

      lg and samsung are nothing. Nothing special.

      crappy hardware with crappy updates.