BlackBerry Messenger app coming to Android and iOS?


  • Jordan

    So..RIM is giving away the best reason to use their product.

  • Canadianman20

    The only reason I stick with BB is because of BBM, and the fact everyone I know uses BBM instead of texting, but if BBM is released for other platforms, my next phone will not be a BB.

  • Erick

    This is the best reason to use their product if you are a teenager. But if you are a business person, BlackBerry is by far the best phone.

    • Jam

      Last I checked I passed teenage years a long time ago and I and most of my BBM contacts are adults.

  • Tom

    They have to do this.

    Only in Canada do they have the critical mass of users to keep BBM popular without Android & iPhone support.

    Personally, I would want to use an IM solution that allowed all of my friends to participate – not just those with BB.

    • Steelepunk

      I can’t believe people still trumpet BBM as if it is a remarkable service.. If you have a smartphone and a data plan then there are multiple better options and for such a small cost you wouldn’t even notice.

  • pr0cs

    Would be very surprised they would do this, they would be removing one of the last things keeping a LOT of people from moving away from Blackberry.
    Would be like admitting defeat IMO.

  • Inu Endo

    Thank you in advance RIM. This is the right thing to do!

  • teee

    if this is true, “bi-winning” for android. but I guess that will mean that the rumors about the playbook supporting android apps is true? maybe they are trading one thing for another

    • andy c

      great minds think alike…

      i see you beat me by 2 mins 😛

  • andy c

    i can see them releasing this for android especially if the Playbook can run Android apps (unofficial partnership)

    iOS? seems like a stretch to me

  • david dee

    This cannot be true. I am completely baffled here? This would essentially open the exit flood gates for their non-business customer base. Would really appreciate someone explaining the strategy / logic here.

    • andy c

      well the article does state that there may be fees (one time or subscripton) if it does land on android or iOS which may make people think twice about ditching there BB handset.

    • Jonesy1966

      It’ll be fee based and a stripped down version. Those with BBs won’t be missing out on anything but those on Android or iOS will in all probabilty.

      Good move by RIM.

  • gsm

    so, will the android and iphone users also get PIN numbers

  • Nick

    This would certainly spread BBM out further, but unless they’re going to charge enough per month to even out the loss of handset sales I have to say I don’t see the gain.

    I’ve been waiting for a nice BB that rivals other smartphones to come out for 6 months now because – guess what – my girlfriend has one and BBM would be awesome. If they’re going to let me use BBM on another device they’re going to lose a sale.

  • Gmac

    If true, I think it will still make Rim popular, and money. I wouldn’t pay more than $4.99 for BBM. hopefully they don’t do a subscription base. To be honest when I left iOS for BB I thought BBM, was the greatest thing. I thought I couldn’t live without it. Went back to iOS when iPhone 4 was released. I don’t miss it at all. I text everyone which works just as fine IMO. Or I use kik the odd time. If SMS could implement R/S status who would use these services? That’s what I truly miss about BBM.

  • ROB

    This would be the worst thing RIM could do. BBM is the only thing keeping then above water. Most of the young people get a Blackberry because of the environment of BBM.

    If RIM does this there will be no real reason to get a Blackberry for those people who want the simple features of BBM.

    Other than enterprise, BBM is the only reason people get Blackberry smartphones.

    Things to consider…
    -Android already has Google talk which is is accessable on gmail and the pc desktop.
    -Also a video chat upgrade is just around the corner for Android.
    -Blackberry smartphones don’t have front facing cameras.
    -The majority of 2011 Android smartphones have front cameras.
    -the full version of BBM would never take form on Android and iOS

  • Bill

    Umm.. how exactly would this put BBM as the #1 spot on all platforms? (as per the article)
    Just because BBM will be cross platform, it’s assumed they will become #1?
    My wife just got a new BB yesterday and I was trying out her BBM, and quite frankly, I think BBM is crap. The only reason it’s so popular is because it’s built in as part of the Blackberry O/S, so naturally people are going to use that first.
    I have an android phone and use LiveProfile as my messenger app and love it. It’s available for iPhone as well, and the Blackberry version is being released this week!

  • Jam

    RIM if your watching the boards don’t do a good percent of your business would be gone…bad idea.
    This is what keeps me using a blackberry…stupid idea.

  • Mike

    Charge $10 a month or something big

    How much money do they make per month from BB user?

    This could be a massive source of revenue for them, allowing them to better invest in their hardware. Otherwise, there must be a pretty strong pull for them to become more of a service company

  • Carlos Andres

    not a good idea for rim. ppl will not buy their products and obviously buy an iphone and just have the BBM app on it. BYE RIM!!!!

  • Prince Alessani

    I agree that this could be a disaster for RIM. But they are already in trouble IMO. If they were to charge a montly sub fee they would be pulling money back from those that already jumped ship to android or ios.

    $5 a month from an iOS user is better than $0 a month from an iOS user.

  • annit

    There’s also the public who never will want a blackberry but their friends have BBM. This will be good to keep connected, and RIM will get their money too.

  • Smilez

    Why buy the cow then you can get the milk for free? No reason to buy a Berry anymore

    What’s that RIM? the millions of people flocking to Android and iOS!

    • Prince Alessani

      BES/BIS, arguably the best keyboards, single inbox and without a doubt the best battery life.

    • OMG Ponies!

      BES/BIS: A++
      Hardware: D
      OS6: F
      OS5: C+

      So sayeth I. Anyone who says otherwise… get your head checked.

  • jesseps

    I have BBM, but I don’t even use my BlackBerry anymore lol I’ll buy it and put it on my Android phone or tablet.

  • Love it

    I’d happily pay $5/mo or even more for BBM on my Android phone. I used to have a BlackBerry and the only thing I really, really miss is BBM. It was just the best!

  • Luqman

    RIM I strongly suggest you do not go through with this since your product don’t already sell as much as the iPhones and Androids. And going through with this will leave your younger users no reason better reason to have a BB. This would be a huge shot to the foot for RIM.

  • RiteNtheJugular

    I still don’t under stand why if BBM is so popular, why doesn’t Android or iOS just make their own PIN based IM’s come on its a great sales advantage. You would then have Blackberry>BBM. Android>Hemroids. iPhone>iAnnoy

  • ej

    I dont care, I’m done with HANGBERRY.

  • Jerry

    If RIM can sell BBM and collect data fees off of BBM plus charge all the users a nominal fee of $10 to purchase it. It’s much cheaper then building hardware. They also open themselves up to a larger income stream with going to multi platforms.

  • Jason

    I don’t know how this will work as BB users must get specific BB data plans for BBM to work. Thus, will Andriod devices be required to move to BB specific data plans? If so this will be how RIM will receive their royalty fee.

  • WINDWatcher

    I smell a RIM takeover… low stock price, playbook that supports iPhone apps (rumour), and now this!?

  • sookster54

    Plenty of reasons to still buy Blackberries besides BBM (but BBM is a main holding place for many BB users), the BES/BIS are awesome and push mail and of course BBM’s instant text (no 3 minute delay through telco network). And of course I like the Curve and Bold’s keyboards.

    However I’m attached to Android for its customing and rom support, BBM for Android would be cool as many of my contacts are BB users as I was previously and probably will be again sooner or later. I imagine the BBM client will include its own PIN.

  • Stuntman

    With this story and the story about Android apps running on BlackBerrys, I wonder if Google and RIM will announce a partnership soon like Nokia did with Microsoft.

  • aj

    now theres no reason to buy a bb

  • RedSaidJed

    Brilliant. This is huge, along with Playbook (etc) + ‘droid functionality.
    BB is huge in Enterprise!
    It’s also the Smartphone for the non-Smartphone user.

  • kanna

    RIM obviously made this move for a reason. BBM will not be free for android & apple, it will cost a fee, and even then, you will NOT get the same experience. This is a marketing move…to show you that once you start using bbm, you will be hooked (like everyone else lol thank god i don’t use it) and you will want the full experience offered on the blackberry. RIM isn’t stupid. Sometimes common sense makes more sense if you think about why it doesn’t make sense.

  • blindedbyfact

    This is why the lot of you are posting here on a rumor website. you dont have any idea how the wireless landscape works and the associated risks companies will take. why wouldnt rim do this – maybe rim wants to get out of the service market and simply become a manufacturer.. maybe apple is thrown in for comedic relief and the two are tagging up to take apple out

    an android device with bb functionality would be deadly successful. to say rim is in trouble really shows how clueless the general public really is… oh well, those that know know


    I’ve had a blackberry for the last three years and when I discovered the HTC Desire HD I jumped immediately! My user experience is SO MUCH better now (I know its all a personal thing) but I no longer dread having to use my phone when out of the office. It seems the only reason blackberry exists is because people are not aware of the alternatives, I know that was my case.

    The only reason I originally got a blackberry was for the push email…I have that on Android and email and everything else functions so much better than before!

    BBM is not an issue, I now use pingchat and keep in touch with my blackberry contacts just like I did before. I certainly would not pay anything for bbm.

    BBM seems like a moot point, am I missing something here?


    I’m not sure what all the fuss is about, I left blackberry and now using Android. I use pingchat and keep in touch with all my blackberry contacts free and easy.

    bbm seems like a moot point, it certainly didn’t stop me from leaving blackberry.

  • Philippe

    Rim that’s a stupid move cause the best feature of blackberrys is bbm so if you give it away to apple or android people are gonna buy the others not blackberry. And its a blackberry thing

  • DrNicket

    Why bother when you can get Whatsapp for most major phone OSs and get most if not all the same features without the annoying hardware specific PIN problem. Your whatsapp follows you no matter how many times you change your phone, yes even if you want to keep your BBerry. No more spamming Facebook with your new PIN to all your friends when your old BBerry craps out on you ;^)