TELUS launching the Samsung C414 January 20th


  • Me Ted

    Let me be the first to chime in with my usual “Like it matters”.

  • Me Ted

    Let me also be the first to correct my misspelling of the word “chyme”.

  • Hilroy

    They still need $50 for a $150 phone on a THREE year contract? WTF?

  • Miknitro

    Telus needs some high end stuff, other then the Desire HD.

    This low end stuff is great for Kudo, but Telus?

    Bell is going to take the lead of the two siamese twins.

  • jnrbshp

    for 50 more get the lg optimus one…really the lower end droids make these phones obsolete

  • Sean

    for $50 on a three year you can get a LG Shine Plus and you don’t need a data plan on that

  • Vitor

    I love how the 3-year contract saves only $100. What a robbery.

  • Bobby

    lg optimus 1 is $200 no contact and $0 on 3yr, much better choices

  • Sub-Joker

    For those who think that all cell phones are Android, guess again coz you’re all wrong. This phone is expected to run on samsung’s bada OS. Just stating a fact in here coz it seems everybody assumed it’s an Android. Phone world is not an android world.

  • Bob

    I get a laugh out of people you think every one wants a so called smart phone. I tried the iphone 4, LG Opitmus 7, blackberry torch, Samsung Galaxy, returned all of them.
    I want a phone that works as a phone (you know phone calls)
    Returned to my nokia 3719 flip phone always great reception where above poor reception except blackberry. This Samsung
    looks like a good phone for normal people that don’t walk around all day looking at their phone. Many of us don’t have the need to text & check email every minute

    • Bob

      Should be Nokia 3710