Poynt app seeing 15,000 new users a day

Calgary-based Poynt Corp. are the creators of the popular Poynt app. This comes pre-loaded on many BlackBerry devices and is also available on other platforms such as Android, Windows Phone 7 and the iPhone. The app is free and some of the functions it helps you perform are finding local phone numbers, addresses, getting directions, watching movie reviews and also has the ability to purchase movie tickets from your device.

Back at the end of November Multiplied Media released their Q3 results and when it came to their user base they stated “there was an average of 8,242 new users added per day, increasing the number of users from 3,155,431 to 3,913,728. As of November 28, 2010, Poynt’s unique user base totaled 4.5 Million across all platforms”. Strong numbers for a platform that relies on the public to spur on growth.

An article in the National Post today has revealed an increase in stats. According to Andrew Osis, founding chief executive of Poynt, said the app is seeing over 15,000 new users a day and on the verge of hitting the 5 million active user mark. In addition, Poynt is used in 8 counties and will increase their revenue from $1 million in 2010 to $5 million mark in 2011 – all generated through location based mobile advertising.

Good to see a Canadian company doing well.

Source: National Post
(Thanks Mark!)