MobileMe helps Calgary man locate stolen iPhone 4

Calgary resident Dave Crooks was at hockey practice with his daughter and left his jacket along with his iPhone 4, keys and wallet in the dressing room. Upon returning he found out all his items had been stolen… but quickly remembered that he subscribed to Apple’s MobileMe which has the ability to track his device by GPS. He called his wife to access his account which she stated “Oh, my God, your cellphone is now driving down the Deerfoot Trail”. Crooks called the cops and after a few hours the police stopped a women at a local mall, opened the trunk of her car and found his iPhone 4, keys, jacket and wallet.

Crooks informed Apple of the incident said that “it proves once again that ‘geeks’ rule over criminals in the long run, and don’t mess with an Apple fan and their iDevice!”

Via: Calgary Herald
(Thanks Chris!)