HP on their upcoming tablet: “focused on enabling that with webOS”

A couple weeks ago HP/Palm encouraged us to “Think Big. Think Small. Think Beyond” and sent out a notice to mark February 9th down on the calendar… this is when they’ll be making an exciting webOS announcement. During CES HP Personal Systems Group Executive VP Todd Bradley was interviewed by CNBC and stated “We’re totally focused on the tablet market and totally focused on enabling that with webOS… but we think of this broadly as the tablet is one piece of that ecosystem, one piece of that connected experience that we’re going to create. So we’ve announced February 9th we have a broad public set of announcements, broadly about the future of webOS and the breath of products that it’ll enable.”

So a webOS tablet will be announced on the 9th. But what’s more interesting is this “connected experience” he speaks of. This could be the time that HP finally announces those 3 mysterious devices (phone, tablet and watch) that HP’s CTO Phil McKinney was semi-showcasing back in August. Check out the video after the break

Source: PreCentral