RBC Mobile Banking app for BlackBerry now available


  • theninjasquad

    whoa, it’s 3MB. No mobile app like this should be that size.

    • Mo

      blackberry ppl are whining for an app that is 3MB. That is a very normal number in the world of android. I have many apps on my nexus with 3MB, and max out at around 20MB (for flash player).

  • Melll

    BMO, please get on making an app soon 🙁

  • Dan

    Does TD Bank have an app?

    • Bubzilla

      Yes it does, I have it for my BB

  • fuquyo

    No torch support. That sux any info on when they are releasing it for torch

    • Guest

      They tell you to download the 9700 version for the torch it does not work with touch screen but use the trackpad

  • michael Cab

    Not compatible with Blackberry Torch. Not good RBC

  • Mo

    I downloaded it for my torch anyway and it seems to work fine! Just no touch screen, have to use the touchpad which is fine.. And it wasnt 3mb in size, only 400 kb. Am I missing something?

  • JSKershaw

    Now RBC needs to release an Android version then I will be happy!

  • Preacher

    still no android love, at least BB got it.

  • Koolfonk

    I have a Torch and a Storm 2 and the app isn’t available for either one – so I’m guessing the touchscreen feature is the issue?

    I sent a note to RBC to ask about if / when they will release an app to support the newer smartphone models and OS 6 with the touchscreens… awaiting an answer.

  • Kirk

    @MO, how did you download the the app, i looked in app world and coulnd’t even find it…

  • Kirk

    BTW, i also have a torch

  • Shankar Raman

    What a horrible app