Mobilicity gives Vancouver customers free roaming due to “accidental CDN Roaming”

Mobilicity launched their Vancouver service back on November 18th and also released some new devices (plus recently released holiday promotions). Some customers in the Vancouver area were having issues as their device went into “CDN Roaming” while they were in the Mobilicity coverage area. Therefor customers were potentially being charges 20¢/minute for voice, 10¢ per text and $5/Mb data.

However, the internal doc that we received shows Mobilicity is once again acting in the holiday spirit by making roaming free for Vancouver customers. The doc states that “Customers may experience some accidental “CDN Roaming while the network is being optimizes. Where this is the case, unlikely as it may be, you won’t be charged for roaming usage. Once the network is finished optimization, customers will be charged for roaming usage in the normal course”.

How are Vancouverites liking Mobilciity?

(Thanks cellSTAR!)