HTC Desire HD coming to Canada?


  • charrion

    Please be true about coming to Telus!

  • Jeffrey Morris

    It’s like that for every country. Check it out for the US or anywhere else that doesn’t have the HD, and it shows both.

  • Acey

    We’ve known this for about 2 weeks now.

  • pj

    That would be effin sweet

  • no name

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  • Paul


    Dammmn this is great news… I have been waiting for this bad-boy to put on a maple leaf. Best smartphone out there IMHO!

  • David Dee

    I am loving the Desire Z, can only imagine how awesome the Desire HD will be.

  • anon_burger

    Summer of ’11? TOO LATE. I want it by December D:

    • Jonny

      Telus needs an awesome device for the December holidays. Q1 ’11 is too late. Why release an awesome phone at such a slow sales time … or maybe that is the idea?

    • M1LK

      it said sometime in early 2011, not summer time.

      FCC just cleared the Desire HD, so the phone should be released shortly


    • N

      I got an unlocked version for Christmas 2010 :). I LOVE my desire HD. The size was a little awkward at first, but now looking at my htc hero and other smartphones, everything else seems way too small.

  • gbo

    I have to agree with JMorris, if you go to the sense dot com site, it lists both the Z and HD phones by default. Even if you don’t pick a country. Also, I think those are the only two phones supported on the site so far.

    I hope the rumor is true but I don’t think this confirms anything.

    psss, the Incredible HD is coming to Bell. (I could only wish)

  • DJM

    I guess HTC jumped ship to Telus, Rogers will be regretting that…

  • kinwolf

    They really need to improve battery life. I went from BB to Desire Z and I love the phone, but battery life doesn’t even begin to compare. I could do 3 days of intensive use with the Storm, not even a full day with the Desire Z(but I’m still tweeking it to try to improve that). And from most reports I read, the Desire HD is even harder than the Z as a battery drain.

  • Lance W

    The battery life is supposedly atrocious. I wish they’d up the battery or make a 4.0″ version.

  • craig


    HTC is notorious for poor battery life if you are a heavy multimedia user.

    I’ve owned two phones, P4000 and Touch and in each case I sprang for an extended battery.

  • Matt

    HD is definitely coming in the new year. Along with a tablet.

  • gbo

    So by saying it’s definitely coming in the new year, is that just hopeful talk or you know something that you are choosing not share with the rest of us?

    It would be great if we did get this phone but in the form that Verizon is getting it. The Incredible HD looks to one up the desire hd with a front facing camera and kickstand. Those two additional items, and I’d be sold.

    It pains me to say but every day another rumor comes out about an great android phone that will likely not come here or at least not anytime soon, it makes me a little bit closer to grabbing an iphone 4 (I know, can’t believe I said it)

  • DOMO

    htc desire hd and desire z are the only phones compatible with the new htc sense website. duh !
    this phone will never come out in canada nor US because the bands do not support north american 3G only europe.

  • EMD

    I REALLLY hope this is coming to Canada! I was going to upgrade my phon last month but than HTC came out with the Desire HD, and so I decided to wait and see if it comes to Canada. Fingers crossed it does! 😀

  • rzz

    Loving my Desire Z so far, and though the HD is quite sexy, personally I would prefer the hardware keyboard, more pocketable size and slightly battery life as a result of smaller screen and underclocked CPU. The UI, browsing and games are all very snappy on the Z thanks to 2.2 and the 2nd gen adreno GPU. Battery life is definitely HTC’s Achilles’ heel though. The iPhone 4 is managing almost twice as long as most HTC models in benchmarks, which is just not acceptable. 1300mAh is just not enough for a smartphone (That’s what the Z has). And the Desire HD inexplicably has a 1230mAh despite having a larger screen and higher clocked CPU.

  • DOMO

    it says this for every country…

  • Chris Marle

    While telus and bell are getting these next-gen Android phone, Rogers will have the stupid and already outdated Dell Streak as their Android flagship device.

    Nice stupid move again, Rogers.

  • Dale

    After struggling along with my 4 year old cell phone, I’ve invariably decided to wait for the Desire HD before moving up to a Smartphone. I am a little concerned with the unfortunate lack of battery life on the HD though, and can only hope that an update arrives with a higher capacity battery prior to this phone heading to Canada.
    At the very least, not having had a smartphone, I believe the change will be positive, but with most of us having to go to a 3 year contract for a decent deal on the phone, and with technology coming so quickly these days, many of us will wonder if a 3 year contract is wise? Fortunately, we do have “choices” at the very least.

  • roccos_van

    Hmmm…I would love love love to believe this rumour, what sucks is that its true about device selection in other countries w/o the HD/Z.

    I already have a rooted desire now which I bought off contract and have my free upgrade this month…Desire HD would be my first choice for sure, then the Galaxy S Facsinate is a close second!

  • Brett

    I admit I have to laugh when people say they are waiting for a particular cell phone. The growth of the cell phone industry will be exponential now, as we have seen in the last 8 months with Android devices making the biggest technological advances. Why bother waiting? Unless you’re comfortable buying phones outright every 6 months, just get yourself a good piece of hardware with at least a 1 ghz processor to look forward to Gingerbread and be done with it. For ex. EMD, you are waiting for the Desire HD now. Do you not think by the time you’re ready to buy it HTC will be releasing the Desire SUPER HD??? Get used to it, you CANNOT WIN.

    • Fenton

      Agree wholeheartedly with Brett. Even Samsung is supposed to come out with a Galaxy upgrade (4.5″) in 2011. Dell has the 5″ Streak. The advances are never going to stop.

      Pick a solidly built phone which meets your current needs and stick with it. Personally, I need fast internet and good call quality. HTC Desire meets the bill and Telus has the 2.2 upgrade. Because of the 1GHz, it can be upgraded to Gingerbread.

      Unless you are rich enough to spend $500-$600 several times a year to buy the latest model. I am not.

  • Stevearino

    Spent a little time with the Desire Z today, along with a Samsung S…Z is solid, nice, very nice, screen. I don’t think I want a keyboard. Just a little heavy…but solid build quality.

    Saw swype in action (on the Samsung) – very cool.

    Here’s hopin for the desire hd

  • MIckLiq

    I played a bit with a Desire HD in the UK this week. Note I have a Desire. The HD is *massive* compared to the Desire. Yes, huge screen, but it’s almost a mini tablet. What bothers me most about the HD is the battery size. My Desire at 1400mAh just doesn’t cut it (and yes I’ve tried tweaking…). The HD at 1200mAh with a larger screen must be completely useless (and the Engadget review says same).

    What is strange, is that the Droid X reviews don’t seem nearly as bad – and the DX and the Desire HD are very close competitors. If only Moto would make a “Milestone X” (not sure why they haven’t).

    I’m also waiting for the “Milestone Pro” or at least a WCDMA unlocking of the Droid Pro (which I guess might be possible)…it’s only a 3.1″ lower res screen, but the trade off might be worth it?!?

  • Roccos_van

    Was checking out Desire HD development at XDA, only have temp root (which is good for removing factory apps or installing unbranded RUU) But no custom rom or themeing yet…getting there tho!! Love my Desire but craigslist you will go if Telus launches the HD!

  • Bear

    If you list any country, you will still get the same result.

  • SG101

    Why is Canada not gettin’ any of the Big and better phones (4.3″ phones): we didn’t get the HD2, HD7 and now they want us to personally import the desire HD. C’on HTC Canada. really??!

  • sick

    I am sick of paying for these devices an after a few months either HTC and Telus leave us with bananas.
    Telus is lazy giing us updates (where is sync 3.0) HTC opened Sense only for HTC DESIRE HD (thanks).

    Apple there I go next time!

  • brandon

    it is true, i live in Calgary Canada and i asked the sails rep at Telus and he said it would be in Febuary