Video: 58-inch “Table.Connect for iPhone”


  • BlaBlaBla

    Fake !

  • J.B.

    Microsoft Surface is still better. I wish they would hurry up and implement it more so they can release it. Cause these will be the future of coffee tables, family room tables, etc.

  • Gr

    Realistically what r u gonna do with this what a waste of money

    • mario83

      theres always people who have more money than common sense!

  • Rene

    These guys should work on an app to fix the creaky floor!

  • rzz

    Could find a market in upscale wireless stores, the offices of app developers and spoiled teenager’s rooms, but aside from the “gee whiz neato” factor I agree there is realistically no use for something like this.

  • Moe Arkanhine

    Looks neat, although useless for the general public, still pretty cool lol.