Manitoba police have ticketed 290 “blatant” offenders who disobeyed the cellphone ban

Manitoba implemented the ban of using a cellphone while driving on July 15th and it seems the police are cracking down. A recent shows that as of August 31st a total of 290 tickets have been handed out to offenders (123 were handed out the day the law went into effect). The fine is set at $199.80 so this brings the total to $57,942.

Hands-free devices are permitted while driving such as connecting your phone via Bluetooth headset. Staff Sgt. Mark Hodgson said more blitzes are coming in the weeks ahead but “there’s still some people out there who are doing it very blatantly. We’re looking for the most obvious or blatant offences. They’re keeping it down or trying to disguise the function they’re doing… They’re being a lot more surreptitious about it.”

The ban of using your hand held device while driving is now law in most provinces (or will be soon). Have you changed your habits or are you still “blatantly” using your device?

Source: Winnipeg Sun