Nokia 6700 Slide arrives at Rogers


  • Himono

    They should offer the 6700 classic.
    With its better looks, it should attract more customers.

  • BlueBomber

    Rogers doesn’t want candybar.

    I’ve been waiting for this to land for FOREVER. People still occasionally want Voice only hardware, and rogers was floating on nothing -_-

    Had the dummies months ago too.

  • Timothy Friesen

    This phone looks really nice. Can I buy it outright and go Pay As You Go with it? What about the mobile browser? Will it work with this phone? What are the restrictions for mobile browsing (will it work with the Nokia browser? what about web apps like gmail?).

  • Guillaume B

    Well, if it runs S60v3, it IS a smartphone. But with the possibility of getting an unlocked Nokia 5230, running S60v5 and with free offline (so no need for a data plan) GPS voice navigation for under 200$ no contract, it’s kinda hard to see a niche for this one.

    Well, it does look stylish.

  • Ryan Shannon

    Great looking phone. I own a 6500 slide. Love it even though it was running S40. An S60 3rd version would be sweet. Too bad about the headphone jack. 3.5mm is now a must for me.
    Would love to buy the X3-02 as well. I think that device has some huge mass market potential.

  • Timothy Friesen

    Does anyone know if this phone will have Rogers branding on it? It would be great if it didn’t…

  • Bill Coughlin

    Rogers are you the very last company in North America to release a 4″ 2.1 os touch screen android like the Samsung S series?

    MGG how lomg to I have to wait.. are you kidding that Saskatel beats you to this release!!!!
    No the Xperia x10 with its 1.6 os does not count.