Nokia C3 “Coming Soon” and heading to Rogers


  • yha

    I want this phone in pink.

  • Alex

    Rogers is going to the Sh*thole with these crappy phones being released ahead of GOOD phones

  • Nico

    2G only? No thanks. If it was HSPA it might have been an ok phone. Should be eligable for Unlimited Mobile Browsing, I would think.

  • e62

    how about new smartphones for fido!

  • BlueBomber

    *cough cough*

    Predicting prepaid.

    Just sayin’

    no way in hell are they releasing a 2g postpaid.

    Not with everything else I’ve seen coming.

    Physically, the phone has a nice feel in the hand though. Great nokia keyboard.

  • Kieran B

    This phone has already been “launched” by Rogers, will retail for $89.99 on prepaid and will replace the Samsung Hype, which has been discontinued. Demos were shipped to stores yesterday.

    Also, it’s S40, so not a smartphone.

    • BlueBomber

      Whoever this man is ^^

      He’s right. I got my dummies 2 days ago.

  • Matt

    Not bad if its going for prepaid. Great for those who do not want a data plan or students who want a qwerty keyboard and can not afford a data plan….

  • Guillaume B

    For what it’s worth, this one isn’t a smartphone; it runs S40, which puts it in the featurephone / messaging phone category.

  • kman

    Apparently Rogers is going with a strategy of having all their phones in permanent “coming soon” status.

    Samsung S Galaxy
    and now this.

    Do they actually have anything that doesn’t suck in stock?

  • Mike

    This is _not_ a smartphone. It’s a S40 featurephone that doesn’t cost much and doesn’t have smartphone functionalities. What it does, it does quite well though – just look at reviews on the net.

    As for those ranting that this phone sucks, you should better grow up because not all phones are equal and meant to compete against the iPhone or other smartphones. Some are intentionally budget oriented and that doesn’t mean that the features they offer are automatically bad. You don’t buy a SMART and then complain that it won’t go 200km/h either.

  • Nico

    A perfect sub $100 PayGo phone. I think it will do well (look at how good the Samsung Hype did. I see tons of them and this Nokia is a better phone)

  • Stephane

    I just bought one, really good and good price if you go only for PayGo phone.

  • adolfchrist

    actually this phone is reliable as hell mine has been in water thrown at stuff been puked on its basically been on the road with me and its still working perfect also the speaker on it isnt half bad for a budget phone