Bell Bold, Curve, Pearl: “BlackBerry 6 is expected to be available for upgrade in 2011”


  • Jason

    That won’t help sales of RIM products.

  • theninjasquad

    That’s disappointing to hear it will take that long. I was expecting this fall. Then again that is Bell. I’m with Wind so here is hoping they get it done sooner.

  • Frank N.

    I hope it’ll be at the beginning of 2011.

  • PC

    THOSE BLOODY FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Labrat

    Blackberry is fragmented, slow updates, etc etc. Oh I mean Android. Wait a minute.

    Ok never-mind it’s all TELUS and Bell fault, seriously

  • Andrew

    All of these lack of upgrades are because the carriers are specifically asking the manufacturers for this. It helps drive sales of new phones if the old phones are still running the older OS. HTC hero, magic, BB BOLD, Pearl, Milestone, the list goes on.

  • Joe T

    I am glad a carrier finally acknowledged OS6’s development for older devices and is deciding to support and release it, this guarantee’s an ‘official OS6’ for the above mentioned devices. As a Bold 9700 with two years left on my contract this is great news and I’m excited 🙂

  • JasonB

    Just hope another carrier releases it before then. Its not like you have to use Bells update. But who knows, they all may be holding onto it until after the 9780 has a month or 2 on shelves.

  • mr iphonepple

    bell has their heads up their asses, the 9700 does not have the on board memory ( or app memory ) to support OS 6

  • James Arsenault

    Bell wanted to get the right built for blackberry 6 for bold 9700, curve 3G and pearl 3 G , then I am sure will be fine for all 3 devices with BB 6

  • RealDeal

    Actually OS 6 will run on 256MB just fine, so the 9700 is just fine to run it. BGR already has a video review of OS6 on the 9700. I agree this is the carriers fault not RIMs. The carriers won’t want to release OS6 for the 9700 until after the 9780 or R020 or what ever they are calling it these days comes out. RIM has scheduled it for October release.

  • Josh

    Photoshop much?

    This thing looks like a very poorly done Photoshop hack of a legit memo.

    I don’t even trust the device names on the bottom.

    Wherever and whomever your source is, they appear to be scammers in need of publicity. And MobileSyrup looks like you didn’t check your sources (which = you are stupid).

  • MGD

    I’ve spoken with a couple of bell reps/techs several times myself before buying my Curve 3G and I can verify that it is going to have OS 6. But, the funny thing is most of them are claiming that it will be out by around October…… Dunno what to make of that.

  • JR

    Nothing but false promises from Bell.Can’t wait for my contract to end ! RIM has great products but this lack of upgrade ability from Bell has made me wish I had another product.

  • Someone

    Bell is a terrible company and is basically impossible to deal with. They do not care about their existing customers period! Take some advice and stay away from bell.

  • MP

    Anyways…. enough of this “this carrier is the devil” crap and back to the point of the thread. Anyone know if the upgrade is still available? I cannot find it anywheres.

  • H B

    Back in the middle of Jan 2011 I managed to speak with a Blackberry corporate sales type person @ Blackberry. It ws confirmed verbally to me that Operating System 6.0 (OS 6) for the Pearl G3 9100 had been released to ALL carriers, including Bell. Carriers then customize the OS as they see fit before THEY release to their customer base.

    I’ve been unable to get ANYONE in Bell who can tell me when Bell will release OS 6 for the Pearl G3 9100 (or to point me to SOMEONE who can divulge this information).

    I see no reason for delay. But then on the other hand an explanation from Bell and a target release date would go a long way towards assuring customers that Bell it taking some action. Because right now it looks like Bell is just sitting on this regardless of Customer experience.