Bell goes live with a BlackBerry Torch 9800 sign up page


  • Adi

    Where can i sign up to receive news about this blast from the past device ?! Can’t believe anybody’s actually excited to buy RIM’s 2007 leftover parts at today’s prices.


  • Terry

    I just want to know how much it is with and without a contract. Price will be the defining factor for this device, not how old the tech is.

  • Tony the Tiger

    Tempting…BUT, overpriced and underpowered (if it’s going to be >500). They will need to price it nicely in order for me to upgrade from my 9700, and they should refine the OS and make it run nicer on the torch’s hardware since we can’t get a faster processor or a higher res screen, refine it.

    • Simon Sage

      The OS actually runs really smoothly, even though it’s on a two year-old processor.

  • Petegd

    Just my guess, but I suspect it will be something like $649 off the contract. It’s selling for $599 off contract in the US on ATT.

    • Ray Nicolini

      AT&T is $499.99 off contract

  • Chris O

    I agree, I would look at this device only if it was under $600 CDN, $549 it would be a likely purchase for me as well as some co-workers. But I certainly would not get it if it was over $600. Sadly, it’s just not worth that kind of money with the included technology.

  • J Taylor

    As I now have a 9700, I won’t upgrade to the Torch within the next year. My wife’s contract is up soon, and from what she’s seen she loves the look of this device (currently she’s on a 9630 Tour) so there is a possibility of this device in my household…

  • mario83

    im semi interested in this, id want to play with one first, ive used the storm, while it takes getting used it wasnt a bad device.

  • Dom

    Bravo RIM! This device has certainly brought you into 2008. Well done.

  • Mike

    I’m getting one as soon as Bell makes it available. Looking forward to the proper browsing, larger screen and most of all and the touch-screen… but need my bb keyboard to get anything done :).

    Just signed up… thanks. Not sure why though, I couldn’t find this link off of Bell’s main page…odd.