Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB arrives at Fido


  • Filip Mares

    I wasn’t aware there were 2 Agreement options. That’s great to know they don’t force data on the user. This can be beneficial if a lot of iPhone owners are not yet up for an upgrade. You can have a family member sign an agreement and get the cheaper price. If they chose to let you sign them up that is.

  • Salar

    The Voice only agreement option has been available since the 3GS launch.

  • robellus

    the no data price is available on all the networks

  • daniel

    is the maximum DECF fee for the 32GB iphone 4 100$ or 300$? i cant really see it

  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®

    tha ecf and decf listed would be for Qubec only based on bill 60 .
    meening tha total cancelation fees would be maxed at tha discount given, Then devided by tha number of months of tha term & devided into tha months remaining…
    so if tha discount is $360.00 with 5 months left on a 3 year contract you would pay $50 .
    plus bill 60 meens No 30 notice or admin fees and alot more…
    i wish i was in quebec! lol

    oh and at fido would would be forced to take data if ordering via customer service “its mandatory” you could go in store, but if using your fido rewards toward a smartphone would allso require you to take data with term.

  • Marc

    i wonder how much the iphone 4 will cost without a plan

  • Mo Shahrokni

    Virgin offers this for $50, Fido is a little too late, specially when the new iphone comes out.

  • colin

    they sell the 8gb 3gs on the apple website unlocked ;]

  • Greg

    What’s this about a “no data option” existing on all networks? Everybody I speak to from these companies says there is no way to own the device without a data add-on.