Free Slurpee: Are you rushing to get on this deal from SpeakOut Wireless?


  • kmacsouris

    That’s too funny!

  • ken

    I would just rather spend the 2 bucks and get the slurpee!!!

  • ghurley

    “I’ve never known the Slurpee to be sold out.”

    Then you’ve never lived in Winnipeg.

  • Sid

    Don’t they usually give out free slurpees on the 11th (7/11)? Get one then.

  • Sid

    If they did a “get a free slurpee every time you top up, I’d consider it.

  • Breezee

    Chatr will be out pretty soon. Everyone is going to gear up some promo … totally understandable ….

    I guess these MVNO’s will be affected most by Chatr as they have no way to compete with Rogers.

  • Greg

    That’s change I can believe in…