Samsung Messenger coming to both Rogers and Bell


  • @matahtak

    Looks like a re-branded Nokia E71

  • Michael

    Another useless phone. Do people actually buy these?

  • Nico

    A WinMo phone for the WinMo fans. I’m not much for WinMo, but I read comments on many sites that 6.5 and 6.5.3 are the best WinMo has ever been and will still do well when WindowsPhone7 comes out. 6.5.x will still be favored by many over the very different WP7. Rogers does need a good WinMo phone on the lineup. I’m not sure this is it.

  • Blair Masschelein

    its shown on baka wireless website already

  • Meraki

    lol welcome to 2006.

  • Nicky

    hahaha Bell does not have many HTC because the return rates are so high… talk to any dealer.

  • eric2k

    HTC Devices are not that great. Speaking to HTC Windows Phones first,

    HTC has constantly crippled there 5.0-6.5+ devices. Not releasing proper drivers or updates. This is why XDA is good. They do all the maintenance work that HTC SHOULD DO for them.

    Hell HTC more or less has on record stolen various XDA community work and passed it off as there own innovation over the years. Talk to Chainfire for more on this. LoL

    Windows Phone 7 will change this.

    With Windows Phone 7 it will actually come down to quality and style. Samsung,LG,Motorola,Sony,Acer, Asus,Dell,HP and Lenovo can all take HTC to school here.

    The phones Bell has released from HTC all suck ***. Lets go down memory lane.

    6800=CRAP, The keypad breaks,slider mess up and the usb port stops charging. Horrible

    Touch=Issues up the bum. I went through 6 of them? 5 under warranty. I have seen countless friends encounter the same sorts of issues. Screen digitizer stops responding, Water looking stuff under screen, USB charging port stops working, phone speaker just stops working even replacement will not fix. GREAT PHONE THOUGH DUE TO THE DATA DEAL. and NFSAN/ME maintaining the software. ONLY REASON IT IS ANYTHING.

    Touch Pro=Issues all over. Poor poor quality worse then Touch. I don’t even want to discuss. This phone is POS. I baby mine and it has issues.

    Touch Diamond=This one is okay. USB port still messes up on mass though

    Touch Dual this one has some weirdness but who would get this phone anyhow.

    I am not even trying to exaggerate. I have gotten a ton of people the Touch due to the data deal. Just i know it can be a can of worms. I have had to buy new USB ports from and solder new ones on for quite a few people. This is the biggest issue affects all HTC phones with mini USB.

    It is the same story with Google’s Andriod. The same manufactures doing Windows Phone 7 are all doing Andriod. For the G1 Google wanted to go to Sony. They turned them down. So don’t use that as a GOOGLE USED THEM point.

    Bell is wise to stick with LG,Motorola and Samsung.
    These three companies actually support Windows Phone and Andriod developers Whereas HTC offers no development tools.

    The only HTC device that I would have supported to come out was the HD2. The Samsung Omnia II is the second best device next to the Touch HD2 so it is not so bad.

  • MartinE

    just turned on this phone – it’s small, slow and useless. My Blackberry World Edition has a better screen and appears faster. What a joke. I’m gonna have to pawn off this phone to one of my co-workers and will likely get an Android phone. I was excited to get a windows mobile phone with a full qwerty keyboard, but this is a huge disappointment. It was relatively cheap: $299.95 to buy outright, $0 on a 3-year renewal.
    It reminds me of my wife’s Motorla Q that I bought her 6 years ago…