Video: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Launch Party


  • Jaemeel R

    Was there. It was a nice event, reps were very informative and the X10 UI is so pretty. Wish I won a phone.

  • JasonE

    Does anyone know what the price will be if you want to grab it and your already on a contract?

  • LiSi C

    Wasn’t really a “party”.. More like training.. Still fun nonetheless.
    The x10 itself was a pretty neat, weird why it wouldn’t be released with android os 2..

  • xaueious

    Everyone says the X10 is sluggish for a Snapdragon. Waiting for that full review!

  • jesus

    its 599 without contract my friend and ya too bad its not a os 2 but they said SE that they will update the version soon and it will be 2.1 firmware thats a rumor on the internet but it could be possible but not sure yet

  • LiSi C

    They announced at the event they’ll be releasing update for 2.1 later this year..