Best Buy confirms Milestone launching February 18th!


  • Clement

    Finally! Can’t wait for the release, been waiting for this phone for a long time…

  • Dave

    meh, Besides google goggles not heard its not as fast as you would think. well designed though.

  • Unsure

    The ad says “Motorolla”! Could be a hoax or Telus advertisers don’t know how to spell “Motorola”.

  • SHuelin

    Woo Woo

  • Athir

    Anyone know if it can be used on the Rogers network if bought outright, or does it need to be “unlocked” first?

  • Marko

    I was at a Telus store in Calgary last night asking about this phone and the guys there did not know a solid release date yet. They did have the “Dummy” phone that they let me play with.
    But I honestly believe they did not know when the phone would be released.

  • Francis M.

    If this device is $549 up front. How much would the Sony X10 be for Rogers? Hmm..

  • Lexcyn

    This phone comes LOCKED to Telus.

    No one knows if you will be able to use an unlock code, since the South American version of this phone disabled lock codes.

    If you buy this and expect to unlock it you are taking a risk.

    That being said, it won’t be long before someone can confirm or deny the use of unlock codes.

  • Me

    Best Buy will also be carrying Multimedia Dock for $39.99 and the Vehicle Mount for $34.99

  • applebook

    W00t W00t! Finally, an Eclair WVGA phone comes to Canada!

  • Pat

    @Francis -> I’ve seen mention of 700 -800 range.. and since it’s SE i believe it!

    I just need to feel the keyboard to be convinced with the milestone.. otherwise best slider phone (spec wise) on the market imho

  • Dejan

    This phone cannot be used on Rogers but only on Bell and Telus. Rogers’ 3G is on different frequency. Actually, you can use it for voice on Rogers, but not for data.

  • Benjamin Picard


    Rogers/Telus/Bell have all the same frequencies

  • Lexcyn


    You have been misinformed.

    Rogers has the same 3G frequencies that Bell and Telus use. The only difference is you cannot fall back to EDGE on Bell and Telus’s network.

    So in practice, you will receive only 3G with the Milestone on Bell and Telus, while on Rogers you can receive 3G and also EDGE.

    Data/voice will work on all networks (Bell/Telus/Rogers).

  • jessss


    If you unlock the phone and use it on another carrier, there is no guarantee that the data packages will work on it. We’ve had many customers unlock phone from overseas or from rogers and try to use them with fido, and our data packages did not work with them.