Bell warns of fraudulent Customer Care calls offering free cellphones

It’s always better to be safe and not be victim to one of the many scams going around. I’m sure this happens all year but it’s dramatically increased now… There are some scammers claiming to represent Bell Mobility Customer Care reps and offering to ship a free cellular phone as a reward for your loyalty to Bell. Now Bell does do this time to time but what these individuals are doing is asking you to confirm your identity by requesting your credit card number, Social Insurance Number and birthday, which is all identity theft.

Bell states the procedure one you receive a call is to “notify Phonebusters by visiting the website at phonebusters.com or by calling 1888495-8501. Emphasize the importance of reporting the incident – their call will be taken very seriously. Phonebusters is the Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Center, co-managed by the Ontario Provincial Police, the RCMP, and the Competition Bureau of Canada.”

Good luck Canada! Do not give out any personal info over the phone as it’s best to walk into your local store.