Rogers to offer “limited time opportunity” for Dream owners


  • Robin

    I’m not a dream owner or a Rogers/fido customer, but this to me seems more than fair. I would love if my service provider offered to upgrade my hardware because my current hardware was old technogy without milking me for more money. I bet you’ll have to sign a 3 yr tho……

  • jscrimshaw

    I am very happy about the outcome.. I am a Dream owner and I was very upset at the fact that the updates were not going to be done past 1.5
    As soon as the promotion hits, Ill be getting my Magic

  • MSk12

    i think you can’t read

    “limited time opportunity to upgrade” will not cost customers a penny or sign up for a new 3-year contract.

  • Nicolas

    Nice of them, I am surprised and impress.

    I think losing the keyboard to get 2.1 is a pretty fair trade off specially is it’s free!

  • BluechipJ

    Typically, people who hop on the bandwagon early are more technologically savvy. Typically.

    So… just root the damn thing. Install your own OS.

    My Xperia was flashed as soon as I got home from the Rogers Plus store and charged it.

  • Jimmy Jackson

    Good move on Rogers part

  • larry harvey

    News flash Robers has FEELINGS wow blow me away.Pass on the up grade switch to a real carrier.My mother in laws Robers bill has mistakes on it EVERY month usually in Robers faver.Service is spotty at best.

  • Dale

    I’m a Dream owner, and while this is tempting, I really like the physical QWERTY keyboard. I’ve seen some people over at XDA Devs running Android 2.0 on their Dreams, so I’m wondering if I should go for this promotion or just root my Dream and install 2.0 myself. Any suggestions?

  • Hub

    Let’s wait for the fine print or catch. Because I’m sure there will be one, reserved to people with certain plans and whatnot.

  • TayTay

    The dream is a very poor quality phone to begin with and the issues surrounding the software doesn’t make it any better.

    I’ll be upgrading to the Magic as soon as I can since my Dream has been sitting in a drawer for 2 weeks since I’ve been fed up with it!

  • Koolaid drinker

    Larry…. Go to wind.

  • Eric

    My wife is currently dream owners, I rooted my dream when I first got it and now running Donut 1.6. Of course I have no problem by running Android 2.0 on my dream however too much issues/problems as I see. Definitely great idea to see “FREE upgrade” for dream users. I don’t mind to locked another 3 years again since I have whole bunch of discount on my account. Way to go Rogers!

  • Dennie Nguyen

    Well I have a dream but I bought it of kijiji… does this mean i can’t or can upgrade to the magic?

  • live_strong

    damage control

  • theninjasquad

    Makes me wonder why they didn’t offer this as soon as they announced the 2.1 upgrade for the Magic. Sounds like again they are just doing damage control once customers started complaining. It really feels like they wont do anything until people complain. It is the only reason they are updating the Magic.

    Since they are offering Magic’s now to Dream owners, they should really stop selling the Dream to new customers. And if they don’t, they really need to warn new customers that there will be no software upgrades for the life of the phone, which for most people will be 3 years.

  • Stupid comment flammer

    I can assure you that the only thing, if anything, that Rogers is going to do for the Dream owners is maybe make the hardware upgrade exception for them to upgrade to the Magic only!! and not have to wait the 24 months upgrade eligibility. You will!!!! have to sign a new 3yr term and pay for the phone. It’s not!!! Rogers fault the manufacture is not developing the OS any higher then 1.5, so why would Rogers take the hit and give away new phones to people because THEY choose the Dream and not the Magic, Rogers didn’t choose for the customer to get the magic so it’s not their fault. But hey keep your hopes up and get ready to have your bubble burst.

  • Michael S

    I’m so happy about this. I got so mad when I found out dream wasnt being updated past 1.5!!!!

  • mjschmidt

    In response to Stupid Comment Flamer (who, by his name, is most likely a troll anyway) and others, it is important to note that in Canada (unlike the US and elsewhere) the Dream & the Magic came out at the same time. Since the OS looks and behaves almost identically, the only _apparent_ difference was the physical keyboard of the Dream.

    At the time that we bought these phones (in fact all the way up to at least Christmas eve and possibly beyond) customers who asked were told that they _would_ be able to get updates to both the Magic and the Dream (even though at the time Rogers/HTC hadn’t announced the plans to update the Magic).

    So, if we had known then what we know now, that there were no plans to update the Dream, but plans to update the Magic,I doubt most, if any, of the Dream owners would have bought the Dream. There was an expectation that the phones were the same (save for the keyboard) and would be treated the same.

    As for the question of whose responsibility the updates are: We have been informed by HTC that the responsibility lies with the carrier (Rogers) to _request_ the update from HTC. The problem was that HTC customized Android 1.5 for Rogers, and this customization would have to be done for each subsequent update.

    So far we have not been able to confirm (HTC & Rogers won’t say), but believe that it is likely Rogers would have to pay for this customization each time. Thus we _believe_ Rogers likely decided they only wanted to pay _once_ to get the 2.1 update. Since 2.1 probably won’t work on the Dream (at least well) they can only get it for the Magic. We believe it likely they didn’t want to have to pay for the 2.1 update _and_ the 1.6 update for the Dream, though they won’t confirm this. It makes the most sense, though, since we KNOW 1.6 works on the Dream. The “customization” seems to be the issue.

    Getting an exchange from the Dream to the Magic is only “technically” an upgrade, because the Magic has better specs and will be updated (which we didn’t know at the time of purchase). The phones debuted at the same time, so they’ve been out for the same length of time. They were marketed to people as being the same (save for the keyboard) so there was an expectation that one was not better than the other. They also cost the same. Given those factors, we would NOT accept any exchange offer that requires an owner to pay more money and/or extend a contract.

  • Kevin

    If I need a new phone, should I just get the HTC Magic or wait for a new Android phone (ie Google Nexus One) to come to Canada?

  • Scott S

    Wait for the Nexus One if you want to move to WIND as they’re the only company that’ll support 3G. But spec wise it will smoke a Dream or Magic.

  • Hub

    3 year contract renewal required. That’s not “no cost”.

    And yes they call upgrade anything involving changing handset even when said handset dies. Rogers redefine the English AND French lexicons to suit their need.

    Upgrade = replace handset
    Free = sign for 3 more years


  • Athir

    Has anyone called up Rogers and confirmed this is actually happening? I don’t see it listed anywhere on their website.

  • Dylan

    Mj pegged it. 1.6 runnin fine on TMobil G1 (same phone). Want me keyboard damnit… Instead of a “Free upgrade” to Magic, send me a 16GB Class 6 MicroSD then send “apps2sd” ota bundled w/ 2.1.
    Dev image from HTC site also runs fine. Oh well, keeping my dream, sticking with cyanogenmod…

  • jon reddy

    Hey guys, rogers cut this deal short it is no longer available. Luckily my girlfriend and i did this ASAP and got free magics. I had 2 yr 10 months on my contract and now have 3 years. So I signed up for an additional two months for a free 600.00 phone and got to keep my dream. Anyone badmouthing rogers for trying to give you a free additional phone is nuts…ITS A FREE PHONE!!!!

    not to mention wifi works without a sim card on htc dream so I now have a mini computer to take with me travelling!! Anyone who didnt do this and knew about it is crazy and have missed out big time! to those of you who did get the free upgrade I’m sure your just as stoked as I am!