Rogers to offer “limited time opportunity” for Dream owners

News earlier this week that the Rogers Android-powered HTC Dream OS “will not be developed beyond the next Android 1.5 update”. This obviously didn’t go over to well with customers because there are some wicked upgrades to the new OS in 2.1.

However, late last night we got an e-mail from the Rogers communication team that shows a great deal of understanding, especially for those who jumped on the “revolution” bus early. The details are a bit scarce but in general Rogers will be offering an upgrade to the Magic for those who purchased the Dream (the Magic OS will be upgraded to the 2.1 OS). As you’ll read below they are still finalizing the details and hopefully this “limited time opportunity to upgrade” will not cost customers a penny or be required to sign up for a new 3-year contract.

The e-mail stated “This is Mary and I’m with Rogers online communications team. Since you’ve been following the Rogers/HTC Android story, I wanted to provide you with an update. As you know, HTC announced this week that as a result of our pushing for an upgrade, they would offer 2.1 for HTC Magic but not HTC Dream.

We now have a statement prepared in response that I’m happy to be able to share with you:

“It’s great to hear that everyone is pleased by HTC’s agreement to upgrade Magic to 2.1. We pushed hard on your behalf and are pleased with that part. When it comes to Dream, we share in your frustration that the device does not have the required on-board memory for an upgrade. We’ve reviewed this internally and believe that Dream users should be able to have the same HTC Android experience as those who purchased the Magic. So, we are offering our HTC Dream customers a limited time opportunity to upgrade from their current HTC Dream device to the HTC Magic.

We’re working on finalizing the details of that promotion now but wanted to let you know the great news as soon as possible. Please be patient as this is not yet available in-store, online or through customer care. I will be back next week to provide you with more information.”

Dream owners out there… what are your thoughts?